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‘Alien’ Has Been Scaring Fans For 45 Years & It’s Just Getting Started

Find out where original cast is now and what is coming.

POLICE ACADEMY, Bruce Mahler (third row left), Kim Cattrall (second row left), Marion Ramsey (front left), Steve Guttenberg (with medal), 1984,

Forty Years Since ‘Police Academy:’ Where Are These Misfit Cops Today?

The hysterical 1984 movie that spawned many sequels just celebrated its anniversary.

STEEL MAGNOLIAS, US poster for 2019 re-release; from left: Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Dolly Parton,1989.

Tear Jerker ‘Steel Magnolias’ Turns 35, See What the Stars Are Up To Now Plus New 4K Release

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced the debut of ‘Steel Magnolias’ on 4K Ultra HD for April 23 to celebrate the anniversary of this star studded release.

Harrison Ford stars in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Retro Rewind — The Indiana Jones Franchise

Take a look back at the trailers and key characters from the Indiana Jones franchise and get ready for the new film in theaters June 30, 2023.

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Haley Joel Osment with uncredited robots, 2001.

Artificial Intelligence & AI – A Movie History

Some of our favorite AI uses in the movies through the years as Disney’s ‘Secret Invasion’ uses the real thing for the opening credits for their new series.

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, Anthony Michael Hall, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Barron, 1983

National Lampoon’s Vacation — 40 Years And Counting

The family road trip has never been clearer than it is with this 40th anniversary release of ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ – now available on 4K.


Elton John WOWS Glastonbury for the Final Time

Elton John Closes Glastonbury – A look at memorable performances throughout his career.

NBA Draft Broadcasts Through The Years – Oh How Times Have Changed!

Past NBA drafts have had fashion statements and more. The facial hair, the sport coats, the hair – The broadcasts are as big as the players, or are they? Look back at some of the early NBA draft television broadcasts.

Movie Collage

Summer Movie Season Kicks Off… Now

What topped the Memorial Day weekend box office in years past?

Mike Myers movies

Schwing, He’s 60!

Mike Myers turns 60. We look at some of his most memorable characters.

Bullett, Steve McQueen, car race

7 Amazing Movie Car Chases: Do They Top the New ‘Fast X’ in Theaters Now?

As ‘Fast X’ races into theaters we look at 7 of the most memorable car chases in the history of movies.

THE DIRTY DOZEN, Jim Brown, 1967

NFL Great Jim Brown Remembered: Photo History of His Amazing Hollywood Career

Jim Brown passes at 87. He conquered the football field and then set his sights on Hollywood.

Donna Martin Still Beautiful as Tori Spelling Turns 50

Happy Birthday to the talented and beautiful Tori Spelling. As Donna Martin turns 50, we all grow a bit.

DIE ANOTHER DAY, Pierce Brosnan, 2002,

Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan – How Can It Be? He’s 70!

Happy Birthday Pierce Brosnan. The ‘Remington Steele’ and ‘James Bond’ star celebrates 70 years with a new art exhibit and more to come.

‘Deep Impact’ Turns 25 and Gets a 4K Makeover for Its Birthday

A comet, a cover-up, special effects and Morgan Freeman as president. It’s been 25 years and the world is ready for this new 4K Ultra HD release.

Books to Movies

Coming of Age in Books and On Screen: Who Did You Learn From?

As “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.” comes to theaters everywhere, we look back at 6 of our favorite books that have been put on film

Flashdance dancer on a chair waiting to pull string.

What A Feeling – ‘Flashdance’ at 40 Dazzles in Remastered Version

Remembering the music, the clothes and the hysteria surrounding Flashdance on the 40th anniversary of its initial release.

Star Trek: First Contact

Celebrate ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ First Contact Day

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ has a brand new 4K Collection to make your First Contact Day pop in your home.

TITANIC, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, 1997

Titanic Trivia Quiz

Happy anniversary ‘Titanic’? Twenty-five years ago today the James Cameron-directed masterpiece took home 11 Oscar wins. Let’s see how much you remember!

THE WIZARD OF OZ, Judy Garland, Toto the dog, 1939

That Didn’t Win? Major Movie Blockbuster Oscar Snubs

These have to have won best picture in their day, Right?