NFL Great Jim Brown Remembered: Photo History of His Amazing Hollywood Career

THE DIRTY DOZEN, Jim Brown, 1967
Everett Collection

Jim Brown made one of the most amazing decisions of any athlete in history when he walked away from his career as one of the greatest players in NFL history to head to Hollywood.

The NFL great who played for the Cleveland Browns and Hollywood icon with over 50 credits to his name died today at the age of 87. Monique Brown, his wife since 1997, announced his death on social media but did not list a cause. Brown’s first onscreen performance came in the 1964 film Rio Conchos as Franklyn, while he was still in the NFL, and the acting bug grabbed hold of the star running back. In theaters, Brown was featured in The Dirty Dozen (1967), Ice Station Zebra (1968) and The Running Man (1987), to name just a smattering of his roles. On television, Brown’s roles included guest spots on CHiPs, Knight Rider, T.J. Hooker and The A-Team. Here we showcase his legendary Hollywood career in the following photos.

Rio Conchos (1964)

Jim Brown pictured with Richard Boone in this 1964 Western about a Confederate officer trying to stop a former colonel from selling rifles to renegade Apaches.

RIO CONCHOS,Jim Brown, Richard Boone,1964.

© 20th Century Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Pictured below are John Cassavetes, Tom Busby, Jim Brown, Donald Sutherland, Ben Carruthers, Clint Walker, Charles Bronson, Colin Maitland, Stuart Cooper, Al Mancini, Trini Lopez and Telly Savalas, who starred in this 1967 box-office smash. U.S. Army Maj. John Reisman (Lee Marvin) must train a group of prisoners who have nothing to lose for a dangerous mission behind German lines on the eve of the D-Day invasion. Regarded as expendable, they must overcome impossible odds and confront their own personal demons if they are to succeed — and survive.

THE DIRTY DOZEN, from left: John Cassavetes, Tom Busby, Jim Brown, Donald Sutherland, Ben Carruthers, Clint Walker, Charles Bronson, Colin Maitland, Stuart Cooper, Al Mancini, Trini Lopez, Telly Savalas, 1967

Everett Collection

Ice Station Zebra (1968)

Pictured here are Lloyd Haynes, Tony Bill, Jim Brown and Ernest Borgnine.

ICE STATION ZEBRA, Lloyd Haynes, Tony Bill, Jim Brown, Ernest Borgnine, 1968

Everett Collection

Slaughter (1972)

Brown played a former Green Beret, opposite Stella Stevens and Rip Torn, who avenges his loved ones who died at the hands of the mob.

SLAUGHTER, Jim Brown, 1972

Everett Collection

Mars Attacks! (1996)

Tom Jones, Annette Bening and Jim Brown star (pictured below) along with Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox and Rod Steiger. Citizens of Earth face their doom with gung-ho valor and brainless abandon as little green men from outer space gleefully terrorize the planet.

MARS ATTACKS!, Tom Jones, Annette Bening, Jim Brown,

©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection

Any Given Sunday (1999)

Pictured are Lawrence Taylor as Luther “Shark” and Jim Brown, who played Montezuma. They joined Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, James Woods, Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J in director Oliver Stone’s drama that explored the dramatic, profane and often humorous world of American professional sports as he followed the lives of players, coaches, managers, agents, sportswriters, announcers, media figures, team doctors, politicians and party girls.

ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, Lawrence Taylor, Jim Brown, 1999

Everett Collection

She Hate Me (2004)

Jim Brown with Anthony Mackie (pictured) starred along with Kerry Washington and Ellen Barkin in director Spike Lee’s thought-provoking satire. The film was about a Harvard-educated biotech executive who is fired for blowing the whistle on his bosses, who desperately needs to earn money and discovers a most unexpected method.

SHE HATE ME, Jim Brown, Anthony Mackie, 2004

© Sony Pictures Classics/courtesy Everett Collection

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