Think You Know ‘Titanic’? Take Our ‘14 Oscar Noms, 11 Oscar Wins & 7 Trivia Question’ Challenge

TITANIC, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, 1997
20th Century Fox Film Corp.

Today marks an anniversary for the epic film Titanic.

Twenty-five years ago today the James Cameron-directed masterpiece took home 11 Oscar wins for Best Picture, Director, Original Dramatic Score, Cinematography, Art Decoration/Set Decoration, Costume Design, Sound, Film Editing, Sound Effects Editing, Visual Effects, and Original Song for “My Heart Will Go On.” In fact, the only nominees that went home empty handed were Actress Kate Winslet, Supporting Actress Gloria Stuart and the team for Makeup.

The film currently sits at #4 in worldwide box office dollars in history and at #9 in U.S. box office dollars, and it held the top spot worldwide until James Cameron topped himself with the release of Avatar in 2009.

You’re a fan right?

You’ve seen the movie countless times right? (Leave a comment with how many times you’ve seen the film.)

You think you know the movie and the stars around it?

Take our ‘14 Oscar Nominations – 11 Oscar Wins – 7 Trivia Questions’ Challenge.


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