Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan – How Can It Be? He’s 70!

DIE ANOTHER DAY, Pierce Brosnan, 2002,
MGM/Courtesy Everett Collection

Really, how can it be that — Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan (we like saying it that way , try it) — is 70 years old today, May 16?

Born in Ireland, Brosnan moved to England as a child and has a voice that is immediately recognizable. He shared his voice in an episode of The Simpsons as a house, yes a house, that fell in love with Marge. Sure it was a Treehouse of Horror Episode that ends poorly for Homer, but we love Pierce.

Don’t worry, we found a clip of those dulcet tones he possesses.

Blessed with dashing good looks and a suave personality he always seemed destined to play the iconic James Bond. Although it would be on hold for his run as the title character in Remington Steele alongside Stephanie Zimblast.

But Bond was eventually in his future as he took the torch from Timothy Dalton, and became 007 beginning with the 1995 release, GoldenEye. We even found you the first instance of Brosnan uttering the legendary introduction of his character as “Bond, James Bond.”

At that moment, Brosnan became Bond for a generation of movie fans as he returned to the character three additional times for Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day before passing the baton to Daniel Craig.

He’s had a number of roles since including The Thomas Crown Affair, Mamma Mia, The King’s Daughter and Cinderella to name but a few. He’s even part of the DC Universe now since his appearing in Black Adam.

But to “wrap up his sixties and cruise into his seventies” as he tells Jimmy Kimmel, Brosnan decided to put on his first ever solo art show — So Many Dreams . It opened in Los Angeles on May 13.

And it’s far from over for the birthday boy, Brosnan mentioned an upcoming project coming to Netflix to our Jeff Pfeiffer. The Out-Laws is an Adam Sandler production featuring Brosnan, Adam Devine and Ellen Barkin. Brosnan exclaimed, “It’s just a wild, wacky romp of a comedy that’s got heart and a lot of laughs.” The Out-Laws is scheduled to premiere July 7 on Netflix.

Happy Birthday Pierce Brosnan – 70 never looked so good.

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