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8 SIMPLE RULES... FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER, John Ritter, ((2002-2003), 2002- 2005

How John Ritter’s Widow is Honoring Him 20 Years After His Death

She started the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health.

THREE'S COMPANY, Suzanne Somers, (1981) 1977-84

How Suzanne Somers Fought for Equal Pay on ‘Three’s Company’

It didn’t turn out so well for Somers at the time.

THREE'S COMPANY, 1977-84, Suzanne Somers, as Christmas 'Chrissy' Snow, 1977-1981.

‘Three’s Company’ Actress Suzanne Somers Dies At 76

She died on the eve of her 77th birthday.


Remembering John Ritter: Some of His Best Roles

Today we honor the late star on his birthday.

a photo from the 1970s sitcom

An Episode Guide to Antenna TV’s Labor Day 2023 ‘Three’s Company’ Marathon

Enjoy 60 hours of classic episodes featuring the wacky shenanigans of those iconic roommates from the beloved ’70s/early ’80s series ‘Three’s Company.’ The lineup includes the series premiere and finale, and many notable installments in between.

ABC Television Network Launched 75 Years Ago Today

Learn about the history of ABC Television Network on its 75th anniversary.

Norman Fell as Stanley Roper and Audra Lindley as Helen Roper in The Ropers (1979-80)
Classic TV On Today

The Ropers Leave Jack, Janet & Chrissy For Their Own Series

Classic TV On March 22: The Ropers leave Three’s Company for their self-titled spinoff, Dick Loudon fills in for “Pirate Pete” and a chilling ‘Night Call’ arrives from the Twilight Zone.

Three's Company
Classic TV On Today

Catch the Very First ‘Three’s Company’ on IFC

‘Three’s Company’ made its debut 46 years ago today, and Felix and Oscar go monastic and then stop by ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’

THREE'S COMPANY, Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter in 'Chrissy Come Home'
Classic TV On Today

Chrissy’s Father Is About to Find Out About Jack on ‘Three’s Company’

Oh boy! Chrissy’s in trouble as her Reverend father is about to find out that Jack is living with them in “Three’s Company,” Sam and Woody fight over who will kiss Rebecca first on “Cheers,” and TBS starts a new full-series run of “Friends.”