Carrie (1976)

Gangs of New York, Carrie, The Godfather

5 Times the Movie Was Better Than the Book

Sometimes, the book *isn’t* better. Here are a few examples of movies that exceeded the quality or popularity of the books they were adapted from.

Writer Stephen King speaks at the Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher at the Shop during the 2006 Sundance Film Felstival on January 23, 2006 in Park City, Utah

Stephen King is Shocked That He is Still Alive

His debut novel ‘Carrie’ turns 50.

CARRIE, Sissy Spacek, 1976

‘Eight is Enough’ Actress Betty Buckley Worried She Might Actually Die While Filming ‘Carrie’

It was her first major role and that look of terror was very real.

image from the 1992 Oscar ceremony picturing, from left to right, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster and Jonathan Demme, each holding the Oscar award they won for

Horror Movies at the Oscars

Historically, horror movies may not have gotten a lot of love from the Academy Awards, but there have been notable occasions when entries in this genre have at least been nominated and even had major wins.

Mia Farrow, Richard Nixon, Rubix Cube, Ali 1974 photo collage

50 Years Ago Change Was in the Air: Looking Back at What Made 1974 Rock

We needed a fun escape from crazy reality in 1974, and the year did not disappoint in pop culture.

HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Loree, 2002

Scream Queens: Horror Heroines & Striking Villainesses

Ever since Mary Philbin unmasked Lon Chaney in the 1925 silent film ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ horror films have depended on frightened heroines.

TWIN PEAKS, Piper Laurie, 1990-91.

Three-Time Oscar Nominee Piper Laurie Dies at Age 91

Her career spanned 7 decades.

Stephen King now and in Creepshow

Stephen King, the Master of Horror From Paper to Scream, Er, Screen

The king of horror just turned 76; plus, new screen adaptations coming in October.

PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, Barry Miller, Kathleen Turner, 1986,

Prom Through the Decades in Fashion and Film

Take a walk down memory lane to the fashion and films about prom in each decade.