Tom Cruise

July 2024 4K Blu-ray releases

‘Rocky,’ ‘Who’s That Girl,’ & ‘Jaws’ Lead July’s Best Blu-ray & 4K UHD Releases

Other 4K UHD must-haves this month include Tom Cruise’s 1983 hit ‘Risky Business’ and 1956’s ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’

Edward Scissorhands Johnny Depp, Kathy Baker, 1990

Can You Picture Tom Cruise as Edward Scissorhands Over Johnny Depp?

Depp says it almost happened. Find out which stars were in talks for the role.

Top Gun Tom Cruise, 1986

Tom Cruise Celebrated ‘Top Gun’ With Rare Photos

He is beyond grateful for the fans that made it the timeless ’80s classic it is.

image from the 1992 movie

Watch Some Irish-Themed Movie Classics on St. Patrick’s Day 2024

“The Quiet Man,” “The Luck of the Irish,” “Far and Away” and more will help classic movie fans get into the spirit of the holiday.

THE OUTSIDERS, from left: Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon (rear), Ralph Macchio, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, 1983,

40 Years Later, Francis Ford Coppola Shares Audition Tapes of Future Stars of ‘The Outsiders’

Check out the fresh faces of all the stars!

OUTSIDERS, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, C.Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise

‘The Outsiders’ 40 Years Later: Where Is the Cast Now?

On March 25, 1983 a relatively unknown cast came together to shoot Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘The Outsiders,’ all of them would go on to become enormous stars.

Footloose Kevin Bacon, 1984

Find Out Which Stars Almost Got Kevin Bacon’s Role in ‘Footloose’

The movie could have had a totally different feel to it!

Pretty Woman, You've Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping movie collage

The ’90s Were A Rom-Com Fan’s Dream

The tech savvy follow up to ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, ‘You’ve got Mail’, turns 35 today.

Classic Vampire movie collage

Dracula Rises: Screenland’s Most Terrifying Vampires

Fiends on Film! Check out the movie history of Count Dracula and other classic blood suckers.


Ack Ack: Netflix’s ‘Encounters’ Success Brings Aliens Back Into Spotlight

Aliens attack in this list of some of the best shows and movies featuring various iterations of their existence.

photo from the 1988 movie

‘Rain Man’ Will Be Back in Theaters Ahead of Its 35th Anniversary

The Best Picture Oscar-winning comedy/drama road movie led by Best Actor winner Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise will be seen on the big screen once again in a limited September 2023 re-release.

photo from the 1983 movie

Tangerine Dream Helped ‘Risky Business’ Transcend Other ’80s Teen Sex Comedies

The German electronic music group’s moody and often hypnotic score to the Tom Cruise/Rebecca De Mornay-led film lent it an almost poetic and sometimes haunting atmosphere.

Barbie and Oppenheimer movies

Ahead of Barbenheimer, These Movies Battled it out in Theaters For Opening Weekends

Count how many of these films you saw in theaters!

Does Ethan Hunt Have a Wife? Maybe It’s ‘Mission: Impossible’

Married? Widowed? In Love? Take a look look back at the love life of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK, (aka TOP GUN 2), Tom Cruise, 2022

Tom Cruise’s Movies from Worst to Best

In honor of his 61st birthday today!


Pluto TV to Air First Six ‘Mission: Impossible’ Films and Show for Free + Popcorn Summer Movies!

‘Mission: Impossible’ and tons of new movies are now available on Pluto TV.

Movie Collage

Summer Movie Season Kicks Off… Now

What topped the Memorial Day weekend box office in years past?

F-14 Tomcat

‘Air Warriors’ Honors the Real Star of ‘Top Gun’: The F-14 Tomcat!

Smithsonian Channel’s series flies with the fighter jet Hollywood made famous.

MTV Movie Award Golden Popcorn

The Craziest Antics From MTV Movie Awards History

Ahead of the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards, let’s look back at some of the funniest and weirdest moments from the award show.


8 Things You May Not Know About Brooke Shields

Learn some lesser-known facts about the incomparable Brooke Shields ahead of her documentary release ‘Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.’

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, (clockwise from bottom): Steven Hill, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, 'Pilot', (Season 1, ep. 101, aired September 17, 1966), 1966-73.

10 Declassified Facts About ‘Mission: Impossible,’ Which Ended 50 Years Ago

Covert operations, shadowy government agencies, technological wizardry, masters of disguises, heist-like action, self-destructing tapes, an iconic theme — this series had it all.

Test Your Knowledge of ’80s & ’90s Stars at the 2023 Oscars

With the Oscars coming up, test your knowledge of the ’80s and ’90s stars up for an award this year.