Science Fiction

Buck Rogers from left, Jackie Moran, Buster Crabbe, 1939

Behind The 1939 Sci-Fi Film That Inspired ‘Star Wars’

I never noticed the parallels!

Walton Goggins (The Ghoul) on Fallout

Walton Goggins Teases New Series ‘Fallout,’ Now Premiering One Day Early on April 10!

Based on the 1990s video game, ‘Fallout’ is set in alternate reality where there is, in fact, a nuclear holocaust in the 1950s.

NIGHT OF THE COMET, Kelli Maroney, Catherine Mary Stewart, 1984

For all You Eclipse Lovers: We Remember What Happened in ‘Night of the Comet’

40 years later, what more can you ask of a 1980s’ end-of-the-world B-film?

GHOSTBUSTERS, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, 1984.

The Ghostbusters Sequel Is Officially Out! Is the Original the Most Quintessential ’80s Film Ever?

As the original 1984 cast reunites 40 years later for ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,’ I finally watch the original.

image from the 1999 movie

‘The Phantom Menace’ Is Returning to Theaters for Its 25th Anniversary

Episode I of George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy, which originally premiered in May 1999, is getting a weeklong big-screen re-release around Star Wars Day 2024.

Star Trek William Shatner, 1966-1969

William Shatner Would Consider Playing Captain Kirk Again — See Him on the Red Carpet Looking Good at 93

William Shatner celebrates his birthday today!

Japanese poster for the 1974 movie

Celebrating 50 Years of ‘Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla’

The 1974 Toho production introduced not only one of Godzilla’s greatest foes — his robotic double, Mechagodzilla — but also one of his cutest (and briefest) allies, the lion- and dog-like god kaiju King Caesar.

NIGHT OF THE COMET, US poster art, Sharon Farrell, 1984.

Countdown to the Eclipse: Could the End of the World Be Near? These Movies Would Say Yes!

Celebrate the upcoming April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse with 10 of our favorite cosmic event movies.

Godzilla 1985

Monster Madness Coming to Comet TV

Get ready for some fun movie marathons this month!

image from the 1979 space opera movie

Remembering ‘Starcrash,’ One of the Best Late ’70s ‘Star Wars’ Ripoffs

Led by Caroline Munro, David Hasselhoff and Christopher Plummer, this low-budget 1979 space opera from Roger Corman’s New World Pictures is delightfully weird and fun.

first look from Disney's 2025 live-action movie

Disney Will Reenter the ‘Tron’ Universe With ‘Tron: Ares’

The third film in the sci-fi franchise follows 1982’s “Tron” and 2010’s “Tron: Legacy,” is led by Jared Leto and is slated for release in 2025.

The Twilight Zone Rod Serling, 1959-64

Do You Remember Which ‘Twilight Zone’ Episode Won an Oscar?

It was a very different episode featured in the fifth season.

Sting Dune 1984

Sting Attends New ‘Dune’ Premiere 40 Years After Starring in the Original

Plus, some creepy facts about the 1984 David Lynch film.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and 1968 Planet of the Apes

How ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ Looks Like the Original 1968 Movie

Check out some callbacks the new ‘Apes’ movie trailer makes to the original 1968 sci-fi classic.

black and white still from the 1962 movie

Did ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’ Have Two Different Endings?

For a long time, many people believed that the 1962 monster match-up had Godzilla winning in the Japanese version, and Kong in the American one. But was that really the case?

black and white image from the U.S. trailer for

A Black-and-White Version of ‘Godzilla Minus One’ Is Coming to the U.S.

‘Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color,’ which was already released in Japan, will now stomp into U.S. theaters for a week to give American audiences even more of that old-school Godzilla feel.

black and white image from the 1964 movie

TCM Stomps Into 2024 With a New Year’s Day Godzilla Marathon

Turner Classic Movies is ushering in the King of the Monsters’ 70th year with eight of the first nine movies from the early Godzilla era.

black and white image from

Episodes Airing in Syfy and H&I Network’s 2023 ‘Twilight Zone’ New Year’s Eve Marathons

The two fan-favorite marathons of episodes from Rod Serling’s classic anthology series are back to let you spend nearly three days in the ‘Zone’ as you send off 2023 and ring in 2024.

image from the 1978 movie

‘Superman’ Still Features the Greatest Introduction of a Movie Superhero

Despite the many good Marvel and other DC film titles that have followed in the 45 years since the 1978 Christopher Reeve-led classic kicked off the modern era of superhero movies, nothing beats the hero’s exciting intro here.

Kang and Kodos, The Simpsons

‘The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror: Kang & Kodos’ Greatest Hits!

Don’t blame me! I voted for Kodos!

GOOSEBUMPS, author R.L. Stine, 'The Haunted Mask', (Season 1, episodes 101 and 102, aired October 27, 1995), backstage, 1995-1998

‘Goosebumps’ Reboot Arrives on Disney+ and Hulu (Plus the Best Nostalgic Episodes from the Original!)

R.L. Stine fans can rejoice, because Disney+ and Hulu have just released the first season of the spooky kid-friendly series ‘Goosebumps,’ based on the popular 1990s book series.

a picture from the 1968 sci-fi/horror movie

Which Classic Creature Feature Had the Catchiest Theme Song?

The Blob, The Tingler or The Green Slime — when it comes to old-school monster movie title tunes, who ya got?


Ack Ack: Netflix’s ‘Encounters’ Success Brings Aliens Back Into Spotlight

Aliens attack in this list of some of the best shows and movies featuring various iterations of their existence.

THE OUTER LIMITS, 'The Zanti Misfits', (Season 1, aired December 30, 1963), 1963-65.

There is Nothing Wrong With Your Televison Set: ‘The Outer Limits’ Turns 60!

Premiering on September 16th, 1963 we look back at the best creatures. Remember the one that crawled out of the woodwork?

post art and logo for the the fourth annual

Paramount+ Announces Its Fourth Annual ‘Star Trek’ Day

On Sept. 8, 2023 — the 57th anniversary of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ and the 50th anniversary of ‘Star Trek: The Animated Series’ — Paramount is taking a day to celebrate the legacy of this iconic sci-fi franchise launched by Gene Roddenberry.

5 Weird Sci-Fi Music Videos From 1984

5 Unnecessarily Weird Sci-Fi Music Videos From 1984

In 1984, music labels were pushing high-concept sci-fi music videos. The results were hilarious.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Kurt Russell Faces Godzilla in Apple TV+ Series ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ – See First Photos

Spanning three generations, this dramatic saga reveals buried secrets and the ways epic, earth-shattering events impact our lives.

photo from the 1988 movie

‘They Live’ & ‘Christine’ Will Be Back in Theaters for Their Anniversaries

The two John Carpenter ’80s classics are respectively celebrating their 35th and 40th anniversaries in 2023, and each will have a two-day theatrical re-release in September.

Westworld Promo Art

Yul Brynner at His Vilest & More ‘Westworld’ Facts for the 50th Anniversary

Boy, have we got a vacation for you!

scene from the 1993 movie

Welcome Back to ‘Jurassic Park’ in a Theatrical Re-Release

Steven Spielberg’s classic 1993 dinosaur blockbuster is getting a limited 30th anniversary re-release at RealD 3D theaters across the U.S. and Canada in late August 2023.