The Adventures of Superman George Reeves, 1952-1958

Was The Original Superman, George Reeves Murdered?

This is heartbreaking.

West Side Story Russ Tamblyn, Tucker Smith, Tony Mordente, 1961

‘West Side Story’ Star Tony Mordente Dies at 88

His ex-wife and ‘West Side Story’ co-star Chita Rivera preceded him in death earlier this year.

The Bad & The Bumbling Classic TV Dads We Still Love

From Homer to Herman we uncover some of the most unconventional TV Dads.


All the Actors Who Have Played Superman + Who’s Next?!

Find out all of the actors who have played Superman over the years including who is ready to play Superman next.

British born actor Elizabeth Taylor and her fourth husband American singer and actor Eddie Fisher arrive at a formal event, c. 1962

Elizabeth Taylor’s Biggest Marriage Regret

She admitted that her fourth marriage was a mistake.

Hank Williams performs on KWKH Radio circa 1947 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Troubled History Between Hank Williams Sr. & the Grand Ole Opry

He was a hit until he got fired.

John Wayne, 1972.

6 Things You Never Knew About Western Icon John Wayne

One of his strangest films had some very bad consequences.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, from left: Melissa Sue Anderson, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert (bottom), Michael Landon, Lindsay / Sidney Greenbush, (1974), 1974-83.

Ultimate Trivia: Best TV Dads Trivia

What TV Western did Lorne Greene play a rancher with three sons? Take our quiz and find out!

Barbara Eden then and now I Dream of Jeannie

8 Things You Never Knew About ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ Star Barbara Eden

She met a very famous President and got his phone number!

DEATH VALLEY DAYS, Ronald Reagan, 'Tribute To a Dog,' (Season 13, Episode 9, aired December 24, 1964), 1952-1975

Ronald Reagan’s Top Films

Whether you loved him or hated him, you can’t deny that he has a spot in history in both Hollywood and the world of politics.

black-and-white image from the 1962 war movie

TCM Commemorates D-Day’s 80th Anniversary With Daylong Film Lineup

June 6, 2024, marks 80 years since the Allied invasion of Nazi-held Western Europe on D-Day. To commemorate this historic event, Turner Classic Movies is airing 12 films related to the Normandy invasion.

THE ADVENTURES OF SIR LANCELOT, William Russell, (1957), 1956-1957.

William Russell, ‘The Adventures of Sir Lancelot’ & ‘Doctor Who’ Original Cast Member, Dies at 99

He also starred in ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘Superman’ (1978)

Box-Office Bunny Bugs Bunny, 1990

MeTV Toons to Air All of Your Favorite Classic Cartoons

Get ready to feel like a kid again, the new channel is launching June 25, check out the schedule!

'MasterChef Generations'

‘MasterChef Generations’ Puts Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, & Gen Z in a Culinary Cook-Off

Gordon Ramsay is asking that age-old question: What generation has the best cooks?

Collage with BRIGHT EYES, Shirley Temple, 1934, eating a big lollipop

Free! Printable Daily Turner Classic Movies June 2024 Schedule Plus Star of the Month

This month the famed network is celebrating 20th Century Fox studio players during Hollywood’s golden age.

THE YOUNGER BROTHERS, Janis Paige, 1949.

Janis Paige Dies: ‘Silk Stockings’ Star Was 101

Actress and singer was also known for her work on Broadway including ‘The Pajama Game.’

Actor Rich Koz of

Svengoolie Shares Perfectly Curated Horror Movie List for June

Some great picks are dedicated to the late Roger Corman this month.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh

Remembering Hollywood Screen Icon Tony Curtis (Jamie Lee’s Dad)

Actor Tony Curtis would have been 99 years old today!

screenshot of the opening title for the 1951 movie

Awesome Opening Credits: 1951’s ‘The Thing From Another World’

The iconic opening titles of the 1951 sci-fi/horror classic, with glowing letters burning through a dark background and accompanied by an ominous musical score, set the film’s eerie ambiance right off the bat.

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, Eli Wallach, Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, 1966

Clint Eastwood’s Top Films

Discover some of Clint Eastwood’s top films over the decades in honor of his birthday.

Michael Landon: Life & Legacy of America’s Favorite Family Man

Why millions of fans still adore ‘Little House On The Prairie’s’ frontier Dad.

20 Classic War Films That Continue To Touch Our Hearts & Minds

Sampling of the best wartime movies that continue to thrill, commemorate and inspire.

Jiffy Pop popcorn

Jiffy Pop: As Much Fun to Make As It Is To Eat

It began all the way back in the late ’50s.

The Bitch Joan Collins 1979

Joan Collins Debates Past & Present Beauty Standards: Do You Agree With Her?

Plus, see photos of Joan Collins throughout the years.

Classic War Movie & TV Celebrations for Memorial Day 2024

Hollywood has long saluted the heroes of our military service. Find out where you can watch some of the films.

MASH, Harry Morgan, 1972-1983

Ultimate Trivia Challenge: How Well Do You Know Veterans in TV & Film?

In honor of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27, we rounded up some trivia on various veterans in Hollywood as well as films depicting soldiers or war.

NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER, Betty Garrett, knitting between scenes, 1949

TCM to Pay Birthday Tribute to Actress Betty Garrett

Celebrating what would have been Garrett’s 105th birthday the network is showing a marathon on May 23.

image from the 1959 movie

Hitchcock’s Classic ‘North by Northwest’ Is Getting a Limited 65th Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release

Fathom Events is bringing Hitchcock’s classic, Cary Grant/Eva Marie Saint-led 1959 cross-country thriller North by Northwest to the big screen for a special two-day engagement ahead of its 65th anniversary.

Las Vegas, USA - MAR 11, 2019: famous Las Vegas sign at city entrance, detail by night.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Turns 65, Did You Know This About it?

It is one of the most iconic signs in the world!

Women in Westerns Collage

The Woman of Western Films & TV Through the Decades

Men weren’t the only ones galloping across the range, plenty of females were just as tough.