‘Titanic the Musical’ is Heading into Theaters Around the Country

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The disaster of the RMS Titanic, the “unsinkable ship” that hit an iceberg during its maiden voyage and sunk in 1912, killing 1522 people, has been featured in many stories over the years. In 1997, not only did the iconic Titanic movie come out, but the original Broadway production of Titanic the Musical also premiered. The story of the musical was written by Peter Stone and features music and lyrics by Maury Yeston.

Now, to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Broadway production and the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere in London, it is being played in movie theaters nationwide on two special dates: Nov. 4 and 8. The musical tells the tales of passengers on different levels of the ship including the Third-Class immigrants, the Second Class, and the millionaires of the First Class. It won five Tony Awards for its music and storytelling.

Titanic Cast during "Titanic The Musical" - Sydney Media Call at Theatre Royal in Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Yeston shared about the special event, “Watching it as a film is a completely different experience than seeing it onstage. This is the best directed production I’ve seen. The cast is perfect. The camera work and all of the close-ups provide a seamless liquidity for the transitions that makes every moment more immediate. I am amazed by the clarity of the sound and the ability to hear every word. I feel very proud of this reimagined film of Titanic the Musical. It’s a grand story about people’s bravery, cowardice and a coming together of humanity. It’s also a story about how we deal with an emergency, how we deal with potential tragedy and how in the final analysis the human spirit is indomitable under the worst circumstances.”

Click here to get tickets when they go on sale to the general public on Oct. 6. The event is put on by Fathom Events and the film will be shared in over 700 movie theaters across the country.

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