What 10 Streets Changed America?

10 Streets Changed America, Street Scene, Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA, early 1910's
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New York’s Broadway is a given, but what makes Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood Avenue so significant, or Detroit’s Woodward Avenue (pictured)? Tonight, PBS tells us in “10 Streets That Changed America.” Also catching our eye are: “Classic Albums,” which looks at Peter Gabriel’s incredible “So” album, Jon Lovitz on “Friends” and more.

Classic TV on Today: Thursday, March 9

Classic Albums: Peter Gabriel’s “So”

AXS TV, 10am

Peter Gabriel’s album “So,” his fifth album, ironically knocked Genesis off the No. 1 spot. Thanks to the MTV generation and the addictive videos like “Red Rain,” “Sledgehammer,” “Big Time,” “In Your Eyes” and the soul-crushing “Don’t Give Up,” the album skyrocketed Gabriel from Genesis frontman to global icon.

Friends: “The One With the Stoned Guy”

TBS, 12:30pm

This Season 1 episode stars Jon Lovitz as a stoned restaurateur who Monica (Courteney Cox) prepares a gourmet dinner for. Lovitz would guest-star again on the series in Season 9 as a horrible blind date for Rachel (Jennifer Aniston).

The Andy Griffith Show: “Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee”

METV, 8:30pm

A misunderstanding leads Andy and Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) to believe that they are both anxious to get married.

Roseanne: “Chicken Hearts”

Cozi, 10:30pm

This Season 2 episode that aired back in 1990, has Roseanne trying to improve her relationship with her teenage boss Brian (Peter Smith) by inviting him home for dinner. Roseanne gets pretty upset when Brian — the little maggot— wants her to work weekends. She tries to grease things over by kissing up to him — serving dinner and having Dan (John Goodman) fix his carburetor.

10 Streets That Changed America

PBS, 10pm

From buildings and homes to parks and monuments, this series has captured our attention, educating us about the wonders that have changed America. Tonight’s episode puts the spotlight on streets. Of course, New York’s Broadway and California’s Wilshire Boulevard are featured, but what street had to cut a church in half to allow it to expand? (That would be Detroit’s famed Woodward Avenue, a now 27-mile street filled with history in an auto-loving community.) The other streets included are: Boston Post Road, St. Charles Avenue, National Road, Easter Parkway, Lincoln Highway, Greenwood Avenue and Kalamazoo Mall.

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