Looking for a Drive-In Movie Theater? Here are the Ones Still Operating in the U.S.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, Geena Davis (left, in car), Joel Tobeck (in car, right), 2009.
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For decades, drive-in movie theaters were considered the best way to relax and have fun, whether you were out on a date or having a night out with your family. If you were a kid, the feeling of getting into your pajamas and heading to get popcorn and watch the latest flick past your bedtime was unmatched. If you ever went to a drive-in on a date, you probably remember those nerves of excitement.

First drive-in theater in Camden, New Jersey, 1933

First drive-in theater in Camden, New Jersey, 1933


The first drive-in movie theater opened in the United States in New Jersey in 1933. By the ’50s, there were over 4,000 drive-ins all across the country. Yet, by the late ’70s, indoor movie theaters were taking over and many drive-ins began closing their doors, so to speak. They received a slight resurgence in 2020 when indoor movie theaters were closed and drive-ins were considered a way to have fun and social distance. Even with a boost in recent years, there are now only about 177 left in about 25 states. Let’s find out where they are in case you’d like to travel for a nostalgic evening of watching a movie under the stars for Drive-In Day (June 6th). If you’re interested in attending any of these theaters, just give the name a quick Google to find out where exactly it is located, the hours, and which movies are currently playing.


  • King Drive-in, Russellville (one of the longest continuously running theaters in the country!)



  • There are several West Wind Drive-ins in Concord, Sacramento, and San Jose
  • South Bay Drive-In Theatre, San Diego
  • Santee Drive-In Movie Theatre, Santee
  • Paramount Drive-In Theatres, Paramount
  • Electric Dusk Drive-In, Glendale
  • Vineland Drive-In, City of Industry
  • Van Buren Drive-In Theatre, Riverside
  • Rubidoux Drive-In Theater, Riverside
  • Skyline Drive-In Theater, Barstow
  • Sunset Drive-In, San Luis Obispo
  • Madera 2 Drive-In, Madera
  • Lakeport Auto Movies Drive-In, Lakeport


    • 88 Drive-In Theatre in Denver
    • Holiday Twin Drive-In of Fort Collins
    • Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver occasionally turns into an outdoor movie theater


Ocala Drive-in in Ocala


  • Silver Moon in Lakeland
  • Ocala Drive-in in Ocala
  • Ruskin Family Drive-in Theater in Ruskin
  • Joy-Lan Drive-in Dade City
  • Nite Owl Drive-in in Miami


  • Starlight Drive-in Theatre
  • Swan Drive-in Theater in Blue Ridge
  • Tiger Drive-In Theater in Tiger
  • Jesup Drive-in in Jesup


  • Motor Vu Drive-In
  • Terrace Drive-In Theatre
  • Sunset Auto Vue Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Teton Vu Drive In
  • Parma Motor-Vu Drive-In Theatre
  • Spud Drive In Theatre
  • Idan-Ha Drive In Theater


BACK TO THE DRIVE-IN, Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre, Gibson City, Illinois, 2022.

Going Attractions/Everett Collection

  • McHenry Outdoor Theater
  • DRIVE N THEATRE aka Fairview Drive In Theater
  • Skyview Drive-In
  • route 34 Drive In Theatre
  • Midway Drive-In
  • Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre
  • ChiTown Movies
  • Rt 66 Skyview Drive-In
  • MOO-V-Night
  • Route 66 Drive In Theater


  • Tibbs Drive-In
  • MELS at the Starlite Drive-In Theatre
  • Starlite Drive-In Theatre
  • 49’er Drive-in
  • CenterBrook Drive-In Theater
  • 13-24 Drive-In
  • Hummel Drive-in Theatre
  • Holiday Drive-In Theatre
  • Georgetown Drive-In
  • Cinema 67 Drive-in
  • The Skyline Drive-In
  • Holiday Drive-IN Theater
  • Auburn Garrett Drive In
  • Melody Drive In Theater
  • Lake Shore Theatre
  • Moon Lite Drive-In Theater
  • Bel-Air Drive-In Theater
  • GQT Huntington Drive In


Boulevard Drive-in sign

  • Boulevard Drive-In Theatre
  • The Drive-In at MidWay
  • Starlite Drive-In
  • Kanopolis Drive In Theatre
  • South Drive-In Theatre
  • Lakeside Drive-in


  • Sauerbeck Family Drive In
  • Bourbon Drive-In Theatre
  • Mountain View Drive-In
  • Judy Drive In
  • Stanford Drive In

Las Vegas

  • West Wind Drive-In Movie Theater, Las Vegas
  • Yonder Escalante
  • Clark County Drive-In Movie Theatre
  • Downtown Container Park Family Movie Night
  • Snappy Burger
  • Hidden Cinemas
  • Clark County Drive-In Movie Series


  • The Saco Drive-In
  • Prides Corner Drive-In
  • Skowhegan Drive-In Theater
  • Bridgton Twin Drive-In
  • Skylite Drive-In


BACK TO THE DRIVE-IN, Bengies Drive-In Theatre, Middle River, Baltimore, 2022

Going Attractions/Everett Collection

  • Bengies Drive-In Theatre


The Mendon Drive In in Mendon


  • Cherry Bowl Drive-in Theatre in Honor
  • Ford-Wyoming Drive-In in Dearborn
  • US 23 Drive-In Theater in Flint
  • Summer Drive-In at USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth


  • Long Drive-In Theater in Long Prairie (also allows camping)
  • Verne Drive-In Theater in Luverne
  • Sky-Vu Drive-In Theatre in Warren


  • Sunset Drive-In Theater in Aurora
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Drive-In of Blomeyer


The Quasar Drive-In in Valley

New Jersey

  • Delsea Drive-in Theatre in Vineland
  • Warwick Drive-in Theatre

New York

  • Unadilla Drive-In
  • Black River Drive In Theater
  • East Avon Vintage Drive-In Theatre
  • Greenville Drive-In
  • Finger Lakes Drive-In
  • Malta Drive-In Theater
  • Transit Drive-In Theatre
  • Hollywood Drive-in Theatre
  • Midway Drive-In Theater
  • Overlook Drive-In Theatre
  • Glen Drive-In Theatre
  • Charcoal Corral & Silver Lake Drive-In Theater
  • Skyline Drive-In


Elm Road Drie-in sign

  • Midway Drive-In Theatre
  • Starlite Drive-In Theatre
  • Tiffin Drive-In Theater & Moonlite Diner
  • Springmill Drive-In Theater
  • Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In Theatre
  • Magic City Drive-In Theater
  • Mayfield Road Drive-In Theatre
  • Star View ​Drive-In
  • South Drive-in Theater
  • Elm Road Triple Drive-In Theatre
  • Dixie Twin Drive-In
  • Sundance Drive-In
  • Skyview Drive-In Theatre
  • Holiday Auto Theatre
  • Lynn Auto Drive-In Theatre
  • Blue Sky Drive-In Theater
  • Skyway Twin Drive-In Theatre
  • Hi-Road Drive In
  • Van-Del Drive-In
  • Auto Vue Drive-In Theatre
  • Field of Dreams Drive In Theater
  • Chakeres Theatres – Melody 49 Drive-In



  • Becky’s Drive-In
  • Pike Drive In Theatre
  • The Mahoning Drive-in Theater
  • Sky-Vu Drive-In Theater
  • Reynolds Drive In
  • Haar’s Drive In
  • Brownsville Drive-in
  • Super 322 Drive-In Theatre
  • Evergreen Drive-In Theater
  • Circle Drive-In
  • Dependable Drive In Theater
  • Garden Drive In
  • Sunset Drive In
  • Cumberland Drive-In Theatre
  • Point Drive-In
  • Comet Drive In
  • Palace Gardens Drive-In
  • Riverside Drive In Theatre
  • Midway Drive-In Theater
  • Starlight Drive-In
  • Shankweiler’s Drive-In in Orefield


  • Parkway Drive-In Theatre
  • Swingin’ Midway Drive In
  • LoCo Drive-In
  • Twin City Drive-In Theatre
  • Stateline Drive-In Theatre
  • Montana Drive-In
  • Sparta Drive-In
  • Pink Cadillac Drive In
  • Birdsong Drive-In Theater
  • Hi-way 50 Drive in
  • Stardust Drive In Theatre
  • The Moonlite Drive-In
  • Macon Drive-In
  • Banilla Moon Movies
  • Tennessee Safari Drive In Theater
  • Malco Summer Drive-In
  • Open Seasons Cinema
  • UOE – Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Nashville


  • Big Sky Drive-In Theatre in Midland
  • Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In in Austin
  • Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre in Comal County
  • Showboat Drive-In
  • Galaxy Drive-In Movie Theatre
  • Coyote Drive-In
  • WesMer Drive-In
  • Brazos Drive-In
  • Doc’s Drive In Theatre
  • Town & Country Drive-In Theatre
  • MoonStruck Drive-In
  • The Last Drive-In Picture Show
  • Sandell Drive-In
  • Tascosa Drive In


  • Sunset Drive-In
  • Bethel Drive-In
  • Fairlee Drive-In


  • The Family Drive-in Theatre in Stephens City
  • Goochland Drive-in Theater is in Sandy Hook
  • Starlite Drive-in Theater in Christiansburg
  • Park Place Drive-In of Marion


  • Redwood Drive in Theatre
  • Basin Drive In in Mount Pleasant, Utah


  • Auto-Vue Drive-in Theatre, Colville
  • Blue Fox Drive-In, Whidbey Island
  • Rodeo Drive-In Theater, Bremerton
  • Skyline Drive-In Movie Theater, Shelton
  • Wheel-In Motor Movie, Port Townsend


Hwy 18 Out Door Theater sign

  • The Skyway Drive-In Theatre
  • Big Sky Drive-In Theatre in Wisconsin Dells
  • Field of Scenes Outdoor Theater
  • Highway 18 Outdoor Theater
  • Sky Vu Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Moonlight Outdoor Theater
  • Stardust Twin Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Starlite 14 Drive-In Theater
  • The Milky Way Drive-In in Franklin

Have you ever been to any of these locations? Did we miss any? Are some actually closed that should be removed? Let us know in the comments!

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