Westerns on TV: INSP Brings Us ‘Into the Wild Frontier’

Into the Wild Frontier on INSP, Season 3

There’s a reason INSP Network’s logo has a cowboy hat balancing above its nameplate. The network has made itself one of the homes for classic Western TV series like Gunsmoke, The Big Valley and The Virginian, but has expanded far beyond into original shows that touch on heroic characters and real-life tales of adventurous men and women who were instrumental in shaping the American West.

One of the network’s original series is Into the Wild Frontier, where the third season is slated to debut Saturday, May 6 at 6pm ET. The series chronicles America’s expansion westward, where the promise of new lands teeming with game and other riches provided an irresistible pull for those who were willing to risk it all in the spirit of adventure. As we’ve come to become familiar from fictionalized versions of these stories in TV’s 1883 and 1923 (and even shows like Yellowstone), their struggle crossing mountain ranges, treacherous plains and unforgiving deserts, where they faced starvation, deadly weather, ferocious predators and at times unwelcoming Indigenous Americans — this was an intense, grueling and heartbreaking journey. Season 3 includes eight new episodes that explore notable explorers like Daniel Boone, Mason & Dixon, Anne Bailey, William Bartram, James Harrod, Christopher Gist, George Croghan and Robert Rogers.

Another popular original, heading into its fourth season (premiere date yet to be announced) is the reality competition series Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, where top cowboys from across the United States compete to win a herd of cattle, a coveted belt buckle and a lifetime of bragging rights. Male and female contestants are judged on their skills, knowledge, grit and passion. Country superstar Trace Adkins serves as host.

County Line: No Fear, INSP, Tom Wopat

Other programming to note on INSP include its new film coming later this month County Line: No Fear starring Dukes of Hazzard’s Top Wopat (Saturday, May 27 at 8pm).  We recently caught up with Wopat who teased that the film also includes one of his original hits “County Line” that is part of his 13th album Simple Man. “That’s one of my favorite tracks. That’s probably the best thing I’ve written in the last five, six years. I was living that life for a while,” he shares. “You get into a character like that and you’re playing him every day, there’s this element of deliverance to it. There’s guys out there that are outlaws and they don’t really care about the law. And fortunately for my character, Alden, he’s been a sheriff, he is the sheriff, but he knows how to operate around the edges of that, and that’s what makes it so much fun.”

Where to Watch INSP

Finding the network, however, isn’t the easiest if you are a traditional cable or satellite subscriber. The network is available nationwide to more than 62 million households, and is also available through its streaming platform. You can visit the network’s website and enter your zip code to find where to tune in.

Here’s a quick rundown on channel locations:

DISH  – Channel 259

DIRECTV – Channel 364

Verizon Fios – Channel 286

AT&T U-verse – Channel 564

Based on your market you can also watch on Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, National Cable Television COOP (NCTC), and on streaming platforms like SLING TV, Fubo TV, Philo TV, FRNDLY TV, Vidco, Select TV, Evoca TV and more.

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