QUIZ: Do You Know Who Lived At That TV Address?

© Lorimar Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

It’s heartbreaking to read about Columbia Ranch, in Burbank, California (the old Warner Bros. ranch), tearing down some of our beloved TV homes to make way for new projects. See what’s all been demolished already here. For years we visited these houses and hung out with some of our favorite TV characters — it’s like they were good friends and neighbors of ours. While some of these shows like Dallas, The Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy have been off the air forever, we still know what address to find them at. See how many of these famous addresses you remember.

Favorite TV Families
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Favorite TV Families

December 2020

Who was your favorite TV family? We cover the decades, from the Cleavers, Waltons and Brady Bunch, to the Ewings and much more!

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