Iconic TV Homes From ‘Partridge Family,’ ‘Bewitched,’ and More are Demolished

the partridge family house danny bonaduce

Columbia Ranch, the set of some very famous homes from movies and television shows, is making a lot of changes. Many of the historic homes are being demolished to make way for new projects. It has been confirmed that The Partridge Family home was just demolished and star Danny Bonaduce weighed in and talked about the last time he was able to visit his TV home. He shared on Twitter, “A lot of people have tweeted me that the Partridge Family house on the Columbia Ranch has been razed. It’s the end of an era. I was lucky that I got to see it for the last time before lockdown in early 2020.” He also shared some interior pictures of the house. Now, it has been confirmed that the beloved home from Bewitched has also been demolished, ironically enough, on Friday, Oct. 13.

Warner Bros. took over the property from Columbia Pictures back in 1990 and is now set to demolish all of the nostalgic homes and even the more recent location for Marvel’s WandaVision. Several homes, a park, a swimming pool, and some brownstone facades will be leveled and paved. This will be to make way for 16 new soundstages, parking, and offices. Some items from this property, including the fountain used in the Friends opening have been relocated to the Warner Bros. lot and is part of the studio tour.

Does this Fountain look familiar?

The Monkess and Friends fountain at Columbia Ranch

Columbia Ranch began way back in 1921 and was originally the home of the historic Columbia Pictures Studios. Columbia Pictures Corporation once rented movie studios for its films but eventually purchased the land for the ranch. At first, it featured mainly Western sets and New York streets. Later on, numerous facades and homes were created just to film there. The ’60s were the dawn of television and the ranch made way for more TV sets. Shows such as Father Knows Best, The Donna Reed Show, I Dream of Jeannie, The Flying Nun, and The Monkees were filmed there.

Ariel view of the ranch in the 1960s (Credit burbankinfocus.com)

Courtesy columbiaranch.net

PARTRIDGE FAMILY, David Cassidy, Shirley Jones, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Suzanne Crough & Jeremy Gelbwaks, (Season 1, 1970-1971)

Everett Collection17

Courtesy columbiaranch.net

Unfortunately, as years went on and fires destroyed some of the sets, it was no longer as usable. By the mid-’70s one-third of the ranch was destroyed by fires and would never be rebuilt. Many of the homes and sets sat vacant for years, which has led to the demolition and changes to the studio. While it certainly makes financial sense for some of the homes and lots to be fazed in order for something new to be built there, it does truly feel like the end of an era.

Here is a great site for some more history on the Columbia Ranch.

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