Famous Hair: Could You Identify This Celebrity & Others on ‘The Floor’?

Farrah Fawcett
Credit: Everett Collection

How many celebrities could you identify just by looking at their hair?

In an epic showdown on this week’s episode of The Floor (FOX, Tuesdays at 9pmET, next day on Hulu), Angie (53) from Texas took on Joey (23) in the category of Famous Hair. The dueling contestants were presented with photos of celebrities with their faces obscured, the photo that took the longest to identify was — shockingly (even host Rob Lowe was aghast) — that of Farrah Fawcett.

“Oh my,” Lowe enthused after the Famous Hair round. “What the heck did we just see?” As Angie, who took the stage for the first time, defeated Joey (who already won $20,000), and took over her floor spaces. Angie, who called herself the stealth bomber, had to be one of the slowest bombers to date on the show (the pressure was real as it was painful how long it took her to identify Fawcett’s hair). Lowe brought up her “enormous” pause over, arguably, one of the most famous hairstyles ever. “That was so famous, I had that haircut once,” Lowe laughed.

Rob Lowe, The Floor

Screenshot FOX

Fawcett’s 1970s feathered blowout inspired a generation. The bombshell and her silken curls were plastered on bedroom walls of teenage boys and girls across the nation. Females worldwide raced to the beauty salon trying to get a similar cut, curling irons and cans of hair spray a must.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, 1976-81

Credit: Everett Collection

In the end, Joey’s young age may have been the deficit as she was unable to name several other stars from the past including Geraldo Rivera.

Angie’s win, however, was short lived as Gabriel (28, Minnesota) ended up beating her in her own category of Transportation, when she missed snowmobile and one of the oldest modes of transportation — the horse. Gabriel went on to beat another contestant and win the night and the $20,000 – ultimately, dominating the floor. While The Floor started with 81 players it is now down to 25.

As for that category on Famous Hair, here we share a few of the celebs featured in the original episode of The Floor, plus we’ve added some retro stars of our own. How many of these famous stars and hairdos can you name? (Answers below)

1. This was a pass, but can you guess it? Hint: Think basketball

The Floor, Dennis Rodman

Screenshot FOX

2. This person was successfully identified. Hint: Very funny.

Al Yankovic, The Floor

Screenshot FOX

3. Time ran out for the contestant to come up with this famous celeb. Can you guess him?

The Floor, Hulk Hogan

FOX screenshot

4. We pity the fool who passes on this image.

The Floor, Mr. T

FOX screenshot

5. Can you identify this glamour queen?

Marilyn Monroe

Credit: Everett Collection

6. Can you identify this famous singer?

Sinead O'Connor

Credit: Everett Collection

7. You know this hairdo! And you know the celeb!?

Jennifer Aniston

Credit: Everett Collection

8. Can you identify this singer?


Credit: Everett Collection

9. Can you identify this actor?

Carroll O'Connor

Credit: Everett Collection

10. Can you identify this “Bucket List” actor?

Morgan Freeman

Credit: Everett Collection


  1. Dennis Rodman
  2. Al Yankovic
  3. Hulk Hogan
  4. Mr T.
  5. Marilyn Monroe
  6. Sinead O’Conner
  7. Jennifer Aniston
  8. Cher
  9. Carroll O’Connor
  10. Morgan Freeman
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