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image from the 1978 movie

‘Superman’ Still Features the Greatest Introduction of a Movie Superhero

Despite the many good Marvel and other DC film titles that have followed in the 45 years since the 1978 Christopher Reeve-led classic kicked off the modern era of superhero movies, nothing beats the hero’s exciting intro here.

black-and-white still image from the 1953 monster movie

‘The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms’: The First Giant Monster Movie of the Atomic Age

The legendary creature feature starring Ray Harryhausen’s brilliantly animated ‘Rhedosaurus’ became an inspiration of other subsequent classics of the genre, including Them! and Godzilla.

a screengrab from a trailer for

Max Debuts ‘100 Years of Warner Bros.’ Docuseries

The series of four documentary specials is narrated by Morgan Freeman and chronicles the century-long history of the iconic Warner Bros. studios. The first two specials debuted to a standing ovation at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

scene from the black-and-white 1954 sci-fi movie

‘Them!’ Was the First & Best of the ’50s ‘Big Bug’ Movies

This classic about desert ants turned into giant monsters by A-bomb testing is a cut above the other ‘big bug’ creature features that followed, in both its atmosphere and execution.

Michigan J. Frog, holding a cane and doffing a top hat while doing a high-kicking song-and-dance number, in the 1955 Merrie Melodies cartoon One Froggy Evening

All the ‘Looney Tunes’ & ‘Merrie Melodies’ Cartoons Airing in TCM’s Warner Bros. Celebration

TCM is devoting its April 2023 schedule entirely to Warner Bros. to mark the studio’s centennial, including airing some of its famed animated shorts each day. Find out when faves like ‘One Froggy Evening,’ ‘What’s Opera, Doc?’ and more are on.