Jack Nicholson

The Shining 1980

Haunted Hotel From ‘The Shining’ Almost Burned Down

Find out what happened to the iconic hotel.

Chinatown Jack Nicholson, 1974

‘Chinatown’ Releasing 4K UHD Version for its 50th Anniversary

The movie has been restored with bonus features for fans.

LOS ANGELES - 1990: A view of 11 Oscars statues lined up next to each other in 1990 in Los Angeles, California.

Shocking Oscar Firsts! Did You Know Winners Were Announced Ahead of Time?

The 2024 Oscar ceremony included a few notable firsts, take a look back through the years at some other firsts.


Who Knew ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ Would Spawn So Many Stars

One was a beloved comedian who was in the Broadway production that wrapped in 1964!

Sugarland Express, Chinatown and Texas Chainsaw Massacre collage

6 Movies From 1974 That Stood the Test of Time (50 Years Later)

Film sequels, slashers and satires — chances are we wouldn’t have had them without these few Hollywood megahits from 1974.

SHOUT, John Travolta, 1991

John Travolta Turned Down ‘Forrest Gump’ & Other Stars Who Chose Not to Play Iconic Characters

Some movies could have turned out very differently.

TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, Debra Winger, Shirley MacLaine, 1983

‘Terms of Endearment’ Is the Perfect ’80s Time Capsule

‘Terms of Endearment’ turns 40 — how does it hold up for a first-time viewing?

Barbie and Oppenheimer movies

Ahead of Barbenheimer, These Movies Battled it out in Theaters For Opening Weekends

Count how many of these films you saw in theaters!

BATMAN, Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson (on TVs), 1989

Whatever Happened to the Cast of the 1989 ‘Batman’ Film?

Find out what the main cast of the 1989 film ‘Batman’ are doing these days.

A scene from the 1980 movie

The 1983 Broadcast Premiere of ‘The Shining’ Had a Weird Advisory

Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel debuted on ABC May 6, 1983, and was preceded by a warning almost as eerie as the movie itself.

SUPERMAN, Christopher Reeve, 1978

Catch a Classic! Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary: The Superhero Era Begins

TCM’s monthlong celebration of Warner Bros.’ centennial continues tonight with ‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’