7 Dick Sargent Roles Other Than Darrin on ‘Bewitched’ (PHOTOS)

BEWITCHED, Dick Sargent, 1964-72
Everett Collection

Dick Sargent passed away back on July 8, 1994, after a battle with prostate cancer. Just a few years before his death at the age of 64, he shared with his fans that he was gay. While he denied any suspicions that he was suffering from AIDS, he did charitable work for AIDS Project Los Angeles and the American Foundation for AIDS Research and aimed to help others who were suffering.

Sargent was best known for his role as Darrin Stephens in Bewitched, taking over the role from Dick York. He also appeared in Gunsmoke, Family Ties, One Happy Family, Bernardine and many more. To honor him on the 30th anniversary of his death and beyond, let’s check out some photos from his various roles.

Bernardine Dick Sargent, Janet Gaynor, Pat Boone, 1957

One of his first roles

Before Bewitched, he shined in the comedy musical Bernardine in 1957.

MARDI GRAS, Dick Sargent, Gary Crosby, Pat Boone, Tommy Sands, wave their recordings above director Edmund Goulding, 1958

1950s Teen Musical Comedy

Starring alongside Gary Crosby, Pat Boone, Tommy Sands playing on the set of the 1958 comedy Mardi Gras with director Edmund Goulding.

ONE HAPPY FAMILY, (standing, l tor r): Dick Sargent, Jody Warner, (seated): Jack Kirkwood, Cheerio Meredith, Elisabeth Fraser, Chick Chandler, 1961

Was it?

The 1961 TV show created by Al Lewis pre-The Munsters fame, One Happy Family, lasted only one season and starred Jody Warner, Jack Kirkwood, Cheerio Meredith, Elisabeth Fraser, Chick Chandler along with Sargent. He played a young married man who moves in with his wives family since they can’t afford their own home.

FLUFFY, from left: Edward Andrews, Dick Sargent, Shirley Jones, 1965

Here Kitty Kitty!

Starring alongside Shirley Jones and Edward Andrews while searching for a lion in the 1965 comedy Fluffy.

LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE, Dick Sargent, Michele Carey, Elvis Presley, 1968

Love A Little Elvis

Starring alongside Elvis Presley and Michele Carey in the 1968 movie Live a Little, Love a Little. He also had an uncredited role in the 1956 Elvis film Love Me Tender.

Bewitched Dick Sargent, Elizabeth Montgomery, 1964-72
Everett Collection

Dick Sargent & Elizabeth Montgomery on 'Bewitched'

Sargent portrayed Darrin Stephens after replacing Dick York on the popular sitcom from 1969 to 1972.

The Gossip Columnist Kim Cattrall, Dick Sargent, 1980

Sargent starred in a TV movie with this 'Sex and the City' star

Years before Sex and the City, a young Kim Cattrall appeared in the 1980 TV movie The Gossip Columnist with Dick Sargent.

Harry and the Hendersons Bruce Davison, Dawan Scott, as Harry, Dick Sargent, season 2, ep. 21, aired 4/25/1992, 1991-1993

One of his final roles

In the ’90s, Sargent appeared in an episode of Harry and the Hendersons. This would be one of his final roles.

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