CLOAK & DAGGER, Dabney Coleman, 1984,

Dabney Coleman Dies: ‘WarGames’ & ‘9 to 5’ Star Was 92

The actor was also well known for a slew of TV shows in the 1970s.

Claude Akins, Bruce Dern, Henry Fonda, Yul Brynner, Robert J. Wilke, Johnny Cash, Lee Marvin

Roundup of Top 11 Vilest Western Villains in TV & Film

From Yul Brenner to Bruce Dern, y’all will love this cattle drive of the meanest villains in Westerns from the big and small screen.

THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, from left, Tom Wopat, John Schneider, 1979-85.

Rev Up the Nostalgia: Iconic TV Cars from Classic Shows

These four-wheeled superstars were just as famous as the stars who drove them.

ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 14: Actor Dwayne Johnson of MOANA took part today in

Dwayne Johnson Accused of Unprofessional Behavior & Showing Up Hours Late on Set

‘Dwayne truly doesn’t give a f***.’

Bond Girls Collage

License to Thrill: 7 of The Best Adventurous Bond Girls Ranked

The best Bond girls were no mere sex objects, but were smart and resourceful matches to 007.


Go Back in Time With The Cast of ‘Back to the Future’ & Where They Are Now

See where the cast is from one of the most beloved 1980s movies!

TMZ Presents: Arnold & Sly: Rivals, Friends, Icons

Are Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone Friends? For Reals?

What happens when you put Rocky Balboa and Conan the Barbarian together in the same room?

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Sean Connery

“Bond. James Bond:” All 007s & is There a New One on the Way?

Since ‘Dr. No’ hit movie screens in 1962, it is estimated that up to a half of the world’s population have seen a Bond film.

Turner Classic Movies April Schedule with Brando

Free! Printable Turner Classic Movies April 2024 Schedule

Plus TCM Star of the Month Marlon Brando celebrates his 100th birthday!

Swayze & Gyllenhall in Road House

Swayze Vs. Gyllenhaal: Which ‘Road House’ Throws a Better Punch?

We review them both; see who we think is victorious.

first look from Disney's 2025 live-action movie

Disney Will Reenter the ‘Tron’ Universe With ‘Tron: Ares’

The third film in the sci-fi franchise follows 1982’s “Tron” and 2010’s “Tron: Legacy,” is led by Jared Leto and is slated for release in 2025.

shot from the 1972-75 TV series

Feature Film Based on ‘Kung Fu’ Is in the Works

Martial artist/actor Donnie Yen will portray Caine, the character first made famous by David Carradine in the classic 1972-75 TV series.

ROCKY IV, (aka ROCKY IV: ROCKY VS. DRAGO, aka ROCKY IV: ROCKY VS. DRAGO: THE ULTIMATE DIRECTOR'S CUT), Carl Weathers, in 2021 director's cut, 1985.

Carl Weathers Dies: Star of ‘Rocky’ Films & ‘The Mandalorian’ Was 76

The actor was also known for his roles in ‘Happy Gilmore,’ ‘Predator,’ and more.

Road House Patrick Swayze, 1989

5 Wild Facts About the Original ‘Road House’ Ahead of its Remake

You’ll never guess who almost played “Doc.”

poster from the 2024 Prime Video movie

Jake Gyllenhaal Leads Prime Video’s ‘Road House’ Remake

Jake Gyllenhaal plays ex-UFC fighter Dalton, who works as a cooler at a rough-and-tumble Florida Keys bar in the film, directed by Doug Liman (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and produced by Joel Silver (Die Hard, the original Road House).

THE WIZARD OF OZ, Judy Garland, Toto the dog, 1939

The Biggest Oscar Snubs of All Time

Fun fact: ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ was trampled on by ‘Forrest Gump’ in 1995, find out the other biggest snubs in Oscar history!

Little House on the Priarie, All in the Family, Rhoda collage

It Was Television At Its Best In 1974, TV Fans Had it All

‘Mary Tyler Moore,’ ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Little House’ were just a few of the classic TV shows many still know and love that graced our TV’s in 1974.

black and white image from the U.S. trailer for

A Black-and-White Version of ‘Godzilla Minus One’ Is Coming to the U.S.

‘Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color,’ which was already released in Japan, will now stomp into U.S. theaters for a week to give American audiences even more of that old-school Godzilla feel.

Ryan Gosling Lee Majors The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling & Lee Majors Became Fast Friends Filming ‘The Fall Guy’ Remake

Ryan Gosling was gushing about meeting the ’80s star.

The Fall Guy Lee Majors, 1981-1986

Ryan Gosling Taking Over a Role Made Famous By Lee Majors

An action-adventure series is getting its own movie remake. Find out when it will premiere!

image from the 1969 James Bond movie

Merry Christmas, 007: Remembering ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’

Led by George Lazenby as James Bond, Diana Rigg as Tracy and Telly Savalas as Blofeld, ‘OHMSS’ offers as much Yuletide action as ‘Die Hard’ and more impactful Yuletide romance than a Hallmark movie.

image from the 1978 movie

‘Superman’ Still Features the Greatest Introduction of a Movie Superhero

Despite the many good Marvel and other DC film titles that have followed in the 45 years since the 1978 Christopher Reeve-led classic kicked off the modern era of superhero movies, nothing beats the hero’s exciting intro here.

SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, Lee Majors, 1974-78

New Bionic book Marks ‘Six Million Dollar Man’s’ 50th Anniversary

October 20, 2023 marked the 50th Anniversary monthly TV series debut of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man,’ which became a weekly series on January 18, 1974.

THE KARATE KID, Ralph Macchio, 1984

Jackie Chan & Ralph Macchio Set to Star in New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie

Two incredible characters from the ‘Karate Kid’ franchise are coming together and looking for a new star!

THE BIG STEAL, Jane Greer, 1949

Familiar Faces Of Film Noir: These Ladies Were at the Forefront of the Genre

From Ida Lupino to Gloria Grahame and Kathleen Turner, these B-movie ladies gave new meaning to being bad.

SHAFT, Richard Roundtree, 1971

Richard Roundtree Dies: ‘Shaft’ Star Was 81

Roundtree had recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

ROCKY, Burt Young, 1976

Burt Young Dies: ‘Rocky’ Star Was 83 – Sylvester Stallone Pays Heartfelt Tribute

He also starred in ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Russian Doll.’

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Kurt Russell Faces Godzilla in Apple TV+ Series ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ – See First Photos

Spanning three generations, this dramatic saga reveals buried secrets and the ways epic, earth-shattering events impact our lives.

photo from the 1988 movie

‘They Live’ & ‘Christine’ Will Be Back in Theaters for Their Anniversaries

The two John Carpenter ’80s classics are respectively celebrating their 35th and 40th anniversaries in 2023, and each will have a two-day theatrical re-release in September.

WONDER WOMAN, Lynda Carter, 'Beauty on Parade', (Season 1, aired October 13, 1976), 1976-1979

Lynda Carter: Super Hero & Wonder Woman

The story of the woman who came to play wonder woman in the hit ABC and CBS TV series is a wonder unto itself.