Sally Field Trashes Burt Reynolds & Says He Was Not Supportive of Oscar Win

Smokey and the Bandit II Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, 1980
Universal/Everett Collection

Burt Reynolds once claimed that Sally Field was the great love of his life despite marrying other women before he passed away in 2018. The pair dated on and off for several years in the ‘70s and ‘80s after co-starring in the classic film Smokey and the Bandit as well as a few other films. Their relationship had many ups and downs and now, Field doesn’t look back on their time together very fondly.

Field admitted that he was not very supportive of her growing career and was not happy that she was nominated for an Oscar for the film Norma Rae. He wouldn’t even go to the Oscars with her, even though they were dating at the time. She explained, “He did not want me to go to Cannes [Film Festival] at all. He said, ‘You don’t think you’re going to win anything, do you?’” She continued “When the Oscars came around, he really was not a nice guy around me then and was not going to go with me.” She revealed that actor David Steinberg and his then-wife Judy came to pick her up for the ceremony and celebrated her win with her after she received the highly-coveted award.

Hooper Sally Field, Burt Reynolds, 1978

Warner Brothers/Everett Collection

Field spoke more about her relationship with Reynolds in her memoir, which was released just days after his death. She detailed how he could be controlling and how he had a prescription drug addiction, which his ex-wife Loni Anderson also confirmed. While they had some good times, overall it was just not a healthy relationship for her. However, the late Reynolds seemed to remember their time together very differently.

Hooper Sally Field, Burt Reynolds, 1978

Everett Collection

In the documentary, I Am Burt Reynolds, Reynolds admitted that he wishes he had married Field and had children with her. When asked why they broke up, he simply said that he screwed up.

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