Stars Over 90 Who Refuse to Retire From Hollywood

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“Age is simply the number of years the world has been enjoying you!”

We don’t know who said it, but we couldn’t agree more. The growing number of Hollywood icons who are now in their 90s and still working is a gift all of us need to cherish. Whip-smart and camera ready, these Hollywood icons aren’t planning to step out of the limelight anytime soon.

Here’s a quick look at who’s working on what and where you can find them.

Rita Moreno

80 FOR BRADY, Rita Moreno, 2023

Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection

At 92 years old, Rita Moreno has still got it! She recently starred alongside Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field and Tom Brady in 80 for Brady. She also appeared in the newest version of West Side Story as a nod to the 1961 film in which she played Anita. Moreno is also known for Singin’ in the Rain, The King and I and Oz. She’s one of the very few to have won an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony).

Carol Burnett

ALL TOGETHER NOW, Carol Burnett, 2020

Allyson Riggs/Netflix/Everett Collection

Carol Burnett turns 91 this April and joins this crew of talented individuals who are still working hard and enjoying every minute of it. Burnett is truly a comedy queen. She starred in The Carol Burnett Show, which was the first variety show hosted by a woman. Some of her memorable characters, including Alice Portnoy, secured her several Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Burnett proved that she could easily switch from Broadway to film to television over the years, and she’s recently made guest appearances on popular shows such as Better Call Saul. She is set to star as Norma in the new series Mrs. American Pie. Burnett even has an award named after her! In 2019, the Golden Globes announced a new award for career achievement in television called the Carol Burnett Award.

William Shatner

SENIOR MOMENT, from left: William Shatner, David Shatraw, Melissa Greenspan, 2021

Screen Media Films/Everett Collection

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner is now 92 years old and just went to space! At the age of 90, he became the oldest person to ever visit space in a Blue Origin suborbital capsule; most known for his Star Trek role, he truly came full circle. He’s also starred in fan favorites Boston Legal and T.J. Hooker. In addition to acting, Shatner has written books about his experiences on Star Trek and tried his hand at being a recording artist, releasing several albums from 1968 to 2021. In the last few decades, he has guest-starred in shows including 3rd Rock From the Sun and The Practice. He has several upcoming projects, including a TV show called The Elevator and serving as Mission Control on a new FOX show called Stars on Mars.

Dick Van Dyke

WAIT FOR YOUR LAUGH, Dick Van Dyke, 2017

Vitagraph Films/Everett Collection

Dick Van Dyke is a beloved actor who is now 98 years old! As charismatic and kind as his characters have been onscreen, he is the same offscreen, as witnessed by him giving out money to the homeless recently in Los Angeles. He’s starred in shows such as The Dick Van Dyke Show alongside Mary Tyler Moore and played Bert in Mary Poppins. He returned to play Mr. Dawes Jr. in the 2018 film Mary Poppins Returns. Perhaps the reason he stays so young at heart is that he married a woman 46 years younger than him! They are still seen dancing and say that age doesn’t play a role in their marriage. Van Dyke is set to star as James Archer in an upcoming project called Capture the Flag.

Mel Brooks

LADDIE: THE MAN BEHIND THE MOVIES, Mel Brooks, director, 2017

Laddie Movie/Everett Collection

Mel Brooks is one of those actors who proves he can do just about anything. One of only 18 entertainers to win an EGOT, he was one of the most successful film directors of the ’70s. Best known for his parody films Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs and Robin Hood: Men in Tights, he has been making us laugh for decades. Brooks has also written several series including Get Smart, as well as novels and a memoir. Now 97 years old, he’s currently narrating History of the World: Part II.

Bob Newhart

ELF, Bob Newhart, 2003

New Line/Everett Collection

Bob Newhart, best known for his shows The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, is now 94 years old. He began his career as a stand-up comedian, making audiences laugh with his deadpan lines, later transitioning to television and movies. Younger audiences know him as Papa Elf in Elf. One of his comedic albums, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart, remains the 20th-bestselling comedy album of all time. Most recently, he played Professor Proton on The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. Newhart won his first Primetime Emmy Award for the character.

June Squibb

FAMILY SQUARES, June Squibb, 2022

Screen Media Films/Everett Collection

It seems that June Squibb’s career is heating up at 94 years old! Best known for the films About Schmidt and Nebraska, she has been working her butt off in recent years. She has appeared in shows such as Little America and Life & Beth as well as the films Hubie Halloween, Family Squares and Palm Springs. She’s had 19 jobs since 2019 alone.

Robert Wagner


Johnny Bishop/Shout! Factory/Everett Collection

Robert Wagner has been working since the 1950s and continues to star in some big projects. Best known for The Towering Inferno, several Austin Powers films and his marriage (and the controversy surrounding her death) to Natalie Wood, he is now 93. He starred as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. on NCIS and will play Dr. Amstel in the upcoming film The Trouble.

Clint Eastwood

CRY MACHO, Clint Eastwood, 2021

Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Clint Eastwood is a powerhouse in Hollywood as an actor and director. He fathered eight children as well, with his son Scott Eastwood following in his footsteps. Clint Eastwood started out in Westerns such as Hang ’Em High and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, along with later films like Unforgiven. As a director, Eastwood is known for being very strict on set. The most recent film he directed and starred in was Cry Macho in 2021. He’s now 93 years old.

James Earl Jones

COMING 2 AMERICA, (aka COMING TO AMERICA 2), James Earl Jones, 2021

Amazon Studios/Everett Collection

James Earl Jones is perhaps best known for his iconic voice, giving life to the villain Darth Vader in the Star Wars series and Mufasa in the Disney classic The Lion King. Now 93, he recently starred in Eddie Murphy’s highly anticipated sequel Coming 2 America. He continues to do a lot of voice work, still bringing his characters to life. You can hear him as Darth Vader in the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+.

Marla Gibbs

A SNOWY DAY IN OAKLAND, Marla Gibbs (right), 2023

PoC Studios/Everett Collection

Marla Gibbs has been working for over seven decades and is best known as George Jefferson’s maid, Florence Johnston, in The Jeffersons. She then starred in and coproduced the sitcom 227 and even sang the theme song! Not just a sitcom queen, she has also appeared in films such as The Meteor Man, The Brothers, and Madea’s Witness Protection. Her most recent role, at 92 years old, is in the film A Snowy Day in Oakland.

Robert Duvall

HUSTLE, Robert Duvall, 2022

Scott Yamano/Netflix/Everett Collection

Robert Duvall has been working since the ’50s. He is now 93 years old and is best known for his roles in The Godfather movies, True Confessions, and Apocalypse Now. His most recent films were The Pale Blue Eye and Hustle.

Who is your favorite on this list?