‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Diamond Jubilee Episode & Fun Facts

Let's Make a Deal Host Monty Hall, 1963-76
Everett Collection

The 1960s brought us some fun game shows including Match Game, The Newlywed Game, Supermarket Sweep, Let’s Make a Deal, and so many more! Now we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Let’s Make a Deal, the game show that premiered on December 30, 1963, and featured traders who aim to make deals to win prizes and avoid the dreaded ZONK! In honor of the show that has brought a smile to our faces more times than we can count, let’s share some interesting facts about Let’s Make a Deal.

But first, we have a big announcement! Let’s Make a Deal Primetime returns on Wednesday, January 24th, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, with a very special episode honoring the 60th anniversary. The Diamond Jubilee episode will feature the opening number “Working for the Dealin’” led by Wayne Brady and his musical group, “Dëaler.” The episode will also pay tribute to original host and creator Monty Hall and model Carol Merrill with a living room set from the ’60s, clips, and memories. If you miss it on CBS, you can stream it on Paramount+ or watch old episodes on Pluto TV with their “Let’s Make a Deal Channel.” Pluto TV will air the Diamond Jubilee episode on January 27 and 28 and February 3 and 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Now for the fun facts…

There weren’t always crazy costumes

Let's Make a Deal audience, (1965), 1963-76

Gene Trindl/TV Guide/Everett Collection

Part of the legacy of the game show is that the audience comes in crazy costumes in order to be picked to become a trader in the episode. This wasn’t always the case! During the first season, the audience looked very different. People were dressed conservatively and the host and co-creator of the show Monty Hall just picked people.

Monty Hall was the host for over 30 years

Let's Make a Deal host Monty Hall, (1970s), 1963-76.

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The show was created and produced by Stefan Hatos and Monty Hall. Hall hosted for over 30 years and even returned to guest host before his death in 2017. The show has been rebooted several times over the years with new hosts. It is currently hosted by Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum as his announcer and assistant.

The game show is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year

Let's Make a Deal host Wayne Brady, (Season 6, aired Dec. 4, 2014)

Sonja Flemming/CBS/Everett Collection

Let’s Make a Deal made its debut on December 30, 1963 on NBC. In 1968, it moved to ABC and has been revived on NBC twice over the years. Hall and Hatos once revealed that NBC was not always happy about the program. At one point, the show had better ratings than The Ed Sullivan Show, and people at NBC were reportedly embarrassed because it was just a silly game show. Even so, it proves that people love their game shows!

The biggest cash prize ever won was over $70,000

A man named Jorge Lopez can claim the spot of winning the biggest cash prize in the history of the show. He won $73,515 and it is a heartwarming moment to watch him celebrate as money falls down on him.

Two women have served 14 seasons as a prize model on the show

Let's Make a Deal Carol Merrill, host Monty Hall, 1963-76

Everett Collection

During the game show’s original run from 1963 until 1977, Carol Merrill served as the prize model. Now, current prize model Tiffany Coyne will become the longest-serving prize model during season 15 of the current version of the show.

Do you love Let’s Make a Deal? Who was your favorite host?

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