Céline Dion’s Health Issues Took a Sad Turn, Sister Gives Update

Singer Celine Dion performs onstage during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Céline Dion has taken a step back from performing and being in the public eye after being diagnosed with stiff person syndrome (SPS). Stiff person syndrome is an autoimmune and neurological disorder that causes muscle spasms and rigid torso and limbs. It can also affect the ability to sing and move around well, so it caused Dion to cancel her tour for the foreseeable future. Now, her sister Claudette is giving an update on how Dion is doing.

The update comes on the 26th anniversary of the premiere of the film Titanic. Dion’s hit song “My Heart Will Go On” has become synonymous with the film. Claudette shared, “She’s working hard, but she doesn’t have control over her muscles. What breaks my heart is that she’s always been disciplined. She’s always worked hard. Our mother always told her, ‘You’re going to do it well, you’re going to do it properly.’”

It has been about a year since Dion was diagnosed with the incurable condition and in May, she decided to cancel the rest of her world tour. Although Dion has said that she is working hard to be back on the stage again, it is unclear if she will be able to. Her sister added, “It’s true that in both our dreams and hers, the goal is to return to the stage. In what capacity? I don’t know.”

Celine Dion celebrates her 27th anniversary In Canada On March 31, 1995-With her sister Claudette

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Unfortunately, since the condition is uncurable and very rare, there is not much known about it. There hasn’t been that much research put into finding a cure. Claudette said about SPS, “The vocal cords are muscles, and the heart is also a muscle. This is what comes to get me. Because it’s one out of a million case, the scientists haven’t done that much research because it didn’t affect that many people. Some people have lost hope because it’s an illness that isn’t well known. If only you knew the number of phone calls the Foundation gets about Celine! People tell us they love her and they’re praying for her. She gets so many messages, presents and blessed crucifixes.”

Celine Dion, 2023

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Wishing Dion well and hoping she can find strength and happiness while dealing with all of this.

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