Jason Alexander Doesn’t Know a Thing About a ‘Seinfeld’ Reboot

SEINFELD, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, 1990-98
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Jerry Seinfeld teased audiences during a recent performance in Boston in October. He was doing a Q&A after his comedy show and one fan asked if he liked the ending of Seinfeld, which ran for nine seasons. He shared, “Well, I have a little secret for you about the ending. But I can’t really tell it because it is a secret. Here’s what I’ll tell you. OK? But you can’t tell anybody. Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. Hasn’t happened yet. And just what you are thinking about, Larry and I have also been thinking about it. So, you’ll see.”

Seinfeld was referring to the creator of the sitcom, Larry David, who also featured many of the Seinfeld cast on his show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Turns out, the news of a potential reboot was a surprise to the rest of the beloved cast. After the news broke of his “secret,” Seinfeld stars Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus reacted.

SEINFELD, Jerry Seinfeld, 1990-1998, season 8, television.

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Alexander said, “There is only one reason for that rumor. Apparently, at the end of some stand-up thing, [Jerry] went, ‘Larry [David] and I are thinking of something.’ Good for you. I don’t know anything about it… No one called me. Apparently, they don’t need George, and they may not need Elaine ’cause Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] and I went, ‘Do you know anything about this? I don’t know anything about this,’ and I just talked to Michael [Richards] the other day and I don’t think he knew anything about it.”

SEINFELD, Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, 1990-98

Castle Rock Entertainment/Everett Collection

Louis-Dreyfus also spoke to a publication that she saw the whole thing on the news and was confused. Seinfeld aired from 1989 to 1998 and as many wanted the show to continue, the cast decided that it was time to end the show before a tenth season. Seinfeld once spoke about the decision and how he talked to the rest of the main cast about ending the show before they “pushed their luck too far.” Many shows capitalize on the fame and extend a show past its prime, making fans ultimately upset.

Seinfeld and David have not yet confirmed if a reboot or special is truly in the works but fans can only hope.

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