‘Seinfeld’ Star Michael Richards Embarked on a ‘Spiritual Quest’ After Getting Canceled

SEINFELD, Michael Richards, 1990-1998
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74-year-old Michael Richards is spending a lot of time reminiscing about his life and career. He is set to release a memoir called “Entrances and Exits” next year on June 4, 2024, which will detail some important experiences, including some not-so-great times. Richards said that the book will address the situation in 2006, where he shouted racial slurs at two hecklers during one of his comedy acts. The entire situation led him to be “canceled” at the time and he withdrew from public life for many years.

The bad publicity led him to take a look at his life and he said it “drove him to a lifelong spiritual question,” which he will also address in the book. He said that the incident led him to take accountability for his actions and change his ways.

MICHAEL RICHARDS SHOW, Michael Richards, 2000-2001

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He will, of course, also discuss his breakout role in Seinfeld as Cosmo Kramer. He appeared on the hit show with Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jason Alexander in the ’90s and remains close with the cast. Seinfeld actually wrote the forward for Richards’ book.

michael richards memoir entrances and exits


Richards shared, “My book is a hymn to the irrational, the senseless spirit that breaks the whole into pieces, a reflection on the seemingly absurd difficulties that intrude upon us all. It’s like Harpo Marx turning us about, shaking up my plans, throwing me for a loop. Upset and turmoil is with us all the time. It’s at the basis of comedy. It’s the pratfall we all take. It’s the unavoidable mistake we didn’t expect. It’s everywhere I go. It’s in the way that I am, both light and dark, good and not-so-good. It’s my life.”

TRIAL AND ERROR, Michael Richards, 1997

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The book will also discuss his upbringing from being raised by a grandmother who battled schizophrenia to being in the Army. He also confirmed that he will talk about his encounters with various celebrities including the late Robin Williams, whom he called “a comedy god.” Pre-order the book on Amazon.

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