1978’s ‘Halloween’ Cast 45 Years Later

HALLOWEEN, top: Nick Castle as Michael Myers on Australian poster art, 1978.
Everett Collection
Everett Collection

When you think of scary Halloween movies and psycho killers, one of the first that probably comes to mind is Michael Myers. The villain featured in all 13 Halloween films began with Halloween in 1978 when he escaped from a sanitarium and began stalking a girl from his hometown. You may have seen many of these cast members reprise their roles in the sequel films but perhaps you’ve wondered what else they have been up to? Let’s find out!

We also want to mention that Donald Pleasence who played Dr. Samuel Loomis passed away at the age of 75 in 1995.

Jamie Lee Curtis (64)

Laurie Strode / Main object of Michael’s killing spree

HALLOWEEN, Jamie Lee Curtis, 1978

Compass International Pictures/Everett Collection

Halloween was Jamie Lee Curtis’ ticket to stardom. She went on to receive leading roles in many movies, including Trading Places (1983), A Fish Called Wanda (1988), True Lies (1994) and Knives Out (2019). She has also appeared frequently on television, with notable appearances on the ABC sitcom Anything but Love (1989-92) and Scream Queens on FOX (2015-16). Curtis received her very first Oscar this year for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once. She most recently appeared as Madame Leota in the newest version of The Haunted Mansion

ARNOLD, Jamie Lee Curtis, 'Part 2: Actor', (Season 1, ep. 101, aired June 7, 2023 ).

Netflix/Everett Collection

She is married to Christopher Guest, has written 12 children’s books and owns patents on several diaper devices. Curtis reprised her role as Laurie Strode in six more Halloween films after the original. 

John Carpenter (75)

Director / co-writer / composer 

CHRISTINE, director John Carpenter, on-set, 1983

Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

The box office bonanza of Halloween made John Carpenter a horror and sci-fi film mainstay for many years to come. He produced Halloween II and III and is the executive producer of the final  Halloween installments, including Halloween Kills (2021). Other directing projects include Escape From New York (1981), Christine (1983), Starman (1984), Prince of Darkness (1987), Village of the Damned (1995) and Vampires (1998).

TALES FROM THE SCRIPT, screenwriter John Carpenter, 2009

First Run Features/Everett Collection

Carpenter composed the music to most of his films and has released three Lost Themes albums and Alive After Death (2021), on which he continued a collaboration with son Cody and godson Daniel Davies.

Nick Castle (76)

“The Shape” / Michael Meyers

HALLOWEEN, Nick Castle, 1978

Compass International Pictures/Everett Collection

Castle reportedly only made $25 per day for his iconic role as Michael Myers because he was friends and former classmates with Carpenter. The two have frequently collaborated since then, with Castle now being a director and screenwriter in his own right. He reprised his role in Halloween (2018), and its sequels Halloween Kills (2021) and Halloween Ends (2022). James Jude Courtney played “The Shape” in the other films.

HALLOWEEN KILLS, from left: Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney, who both perform as 'the shape' / Michael Myers, on set, 2021

Ryan Green/Universal Pictures/Everett Collection

Castle has written films such as August Rush starring Robin Williams and directed movies such as Dennis the Menace, The Last Starfighter, and Major Payne.

P.J. Soles (73)

Lynda Van Der Klok / Michael’s final victim

HALLOWEEN, Nancy Loomis (aka Nancy Kyes), P.J. Soles, Jamie Lee Curtis, 1978

Compass International Pictures/Everett Collection

P.J. went on to roles in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979), Private Benjamin (1980), Stripes (1981) and Sweet Dreams (1985).

CANDY CORN, P.J. Soles, 2019

Epic Pictures/Everett Collection

After a hiatus where she mostly made convention appearances, P.J. returned to film with a cameo in Halloween (2018) and a featured role in Candy Corn (2019).

Nancy Kyes (73)

Annie Brackett / First of Laurie’s friends to RIP

HALLOWEEN, Australian lobbycard, from left: Nick Castle, Nancy Kyes, 1978

Compass International Pictures/Everett Collection

Nancy reprised her role in Halloween II and played a separate character in Halloween III. She appeared in Carpenter’s The Fog (1980) and had a few appearances in television movies. Kyes retired from acting in 1992 to raise her two children with director Tommy Lee Wallace.

ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, Nancy Kyes, Austin Stoker, 1976

Everett Collection

They later divorced, and she now works as a sculptor in the L.A. area and teaches theater.

Kyle Richards (54)

Lindsey Wallace / Kid who Annie then Laurie babysits

Kyle Richards stayed busy after Halloween, with numerous TV episodes to her credit including 106 episodes as Lissy Preston on Down to Earth and 21 episodes of ER as nurse Dori Kerns.

HALLOWEEN ENDS, Kyle Richards, 2022

Ryan Green/Universal Pictures/Everett Collection

She became a reality star, appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip on Peacock. She reprised her role as Lindsey in Halloween Kills (2021) and Halloween Ends (2022). 

Charles Cyphers (84)

Sheriff Leigh Brackett / Annie’s dad

NICK FRENO: LICENSED TEACHER, Charles Cyphers, (1997), 1996-98

Warner Bros. Television/Everett Collection

Cyphers reprised the role of Sheriff Brackett in Halloween II. He worked again with Carpenter in The Fog (1980) and Escape From New York (1981). Other movie appearances since Halloween include Death Wish II (1982), Hunter’s Blood (1986), Major League (1989), Critical Mass (2001) and Methodic (2007).

HALLOWEEN KILLS, from left: Judy Greer, Charles Cyphers, Omar J. Dorsey, 2021

Ryan Green/Universal Pictures/Everett Collection

Cyphers returned as Sheriff Brackett once again in Halloween Kills (2021).

Now tell us, which Halloween film is your favorite and which character is the best?

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