Donny Osmond Claims He Has Never Cursed… Ever

DONNY AND MARIE, 1976-79, Donny Osmond
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Many kids growing up years ago can attest to getting their mouths washed out with soap if they uttered an infamous curse word. Yet, as these same kids grew up, eventually they were able to curse to their heart’s content. 65-year-old Donny Osmond cannot relate. He has recently shared that he has never spoken a curse word in his entire life and credits his squeaky clean mouth to his father, the late George Osmond.

Osmond explained, “I never heard my father curse. He was tough, but he never swore. Obviously I still think the words! There are certain people I would love to say certain words to at certain times, but I just think, ‘Be like your dad.'” Growing up as a teen idol in the ’70s, he was also likely told not to swear to be a good role model to his fans. As Osmond grew up, he continued to find fame, mainly performing with his sister Marie Osmond.

THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM VOTE, host Donny Osmond, (Season 1), 2007

Craig Sjodin/Warner Horizon Television/Everett Collection

He said of his long career, “I decided long ago that I wasn’t going to do it with scandals, trickery or promotional campaigns. I was going to do it with my music, which is a really difficult way to do it. But it happened. And it took me 10 years. But I wanted the music to speak for itself. . . . It’s very difficult to break out of that teenybopper career. But thank goodness that through perseverance and a lot of support from my fan base, it happened. But it takes an awful lot of work to be accepted as an adult.”


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Osmond also became a family man like his dad. Osmond has five children, one of which recently appeared on the show Claim to Fame, and landed in third place on the show where other contestants must guess each other’s famous relatives. 32-year-old Chris Osmond appeared on season two of the show, and stumped many fans. The 65-year-old joked about the incorrect guesses in a post caption, “I’m proud of my son. Signed, Nicholas Cage. I mean, Elvis Presley. I mean, Jim Carrey. […] I mean, Donny Osmond.”

Tell us, do you rarely or never swear or do you have the mouth of a sailor?

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