This Arcade Cabinet Reproduction Offers a Retro Video-Gaming Experience With Over 60 Atari Arcade & Home Console Titles

promo image for the 14 arcade games that are built into Arcade1Up's Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine cabinet. To the left of the vertical image is a picture of the arcade cabinet itself, with the list of games on the right. From top to bottom, the listed games (using their title logos from their original arcade cabinets) are: Centipede, Tempest, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Millipede, Crystal Castles, Space Duel, Major Havoc, Missile Command, Gravitar, Akka Arrh, Liberator, Super Breakout and Lunar Lander.
© Atari/Courtesy Arcade1Up
Just a few of the video games included in the new Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine

It’s already a great fall for Atari fans. Not only is the Atari 2600+ — a re-created and modernized version of the classic Atari 2600 home video game console — on its way, but so is the Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine.

One of the newest developments from the arcade reproduction specialists at Arcade1Up, the Atari Deluxe Arcade Machine offers a realistic retro experience in a game cabinet that stands a little over 5 feet tall (it weighs 68 pounds), and includes features such as upgraded joysticks and on-off light-up buttons, a light-up marquee, 3-D molded light-up coin doors, dual speakers, a 17” BOE color monitor and a metal Certificate of Authenticity plaque.

angled side view of the Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine cabinet

© Atari/Courtesy Arcade1Up

The hardware certainly looks pretty cool, but even more impressive is the collection of Atari video games that comes within the cabinet. There are 64 games in total — 14 arcade games and 50 games from the Atari 2600.

It’s a nice mix of classics and lesser-known games, especially in the 2600 collection, which includes a few titles that were put out for the system later in its life (although the 2600 is most associated with its late ’70s/early ’80s heyday, it did continue into the very early ’90s, by which time it had been mostly eclipsed by Nintendo and Sega).

There are also some 2600 games here that were never officially released, or never advanced out of the prototype stage, and were only finished much later when they were rediscovered.

The cabinet has built-in Wi-Fi, so — for the 14 arcade games only — you can share your scores via an online leaderboard.

It all looks and sounds pretty sweet; here’s hoping that at some point they also put out a cocktail table-style arcade machine …




      • Akka Arrh (reimagining of an unreleased 1982 prototype; *NOTE: Epilepsy warning for the Akka Arrh video just below*


        • Space Duel (one-player)
        • Super Breakout
        • Tempest


image of a young woman playing the Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Machine from Arcade1Up. She and the arcade cabinet are seen from the side; she is wearing grey Converse sneakers and a grey short-sleeved shirt, with a flannel longer-sleeved shirt wrapped around her waist as she plays, and has a slight smile as she focuses on the screen. The side of the cabinet has part of the Atari "Fuji" logo in yellow, and lettering reads "Atari 50."

© 2021 Megan Thompson/Courtesy Arcade1Up


          • Sprint Master
          • Star Raiders
          • Steeplechase
          • Submarine Commander
          • Super Breakout
          • Swordquest: Earth World
          • Swordquest: Fire World
          • Swordquest: Water World
          • Telepathy
          • Tempest
          • 3-D Tic Tac Toe
          • Wizard (developed in 1980; first released as part of the 2005 Atari Flashback 2 package)
          • Yars’ Revenge


The Atari 50th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine can currently be pre-ordered at this Atari site for $499.99, for delivery in October 2023 (I’ve seen it available for pre-order at Best Buy, too).

You can also find more info at that site, and at Arcade1Up’s site.