‘My Little Pony’ Turns 40 with a Brand New Remix

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My Little Pony has been around for 40 years, resulting in lots of adorable toys, movies, shows, and even games featuring sweet, colorful ponies. Starting in the early ’80s, the brand was originally called My Pretty Pony and was created by the toy company Hasbro. Despite the brand’s popularity in the ’80s, it waned in the ’90s and was ultimately discontinued twice, in 1991 and 1999. The 2000s saw a revival and 2010 brought the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The look of the ponies has changed in each decade, dubbing them a new generation for fans.

LITTLE GIRL, (aka PETITE FILLE), My Little Pony, 2020

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To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the iconic My Little Pony theme song has gotten some remixes. Jessica Vaughn, head of sync at Venice Music and the founder and president of Head Bitch Music remixed the classic theme song for Hasbro to use and it has already delighted longtime fans. She released two EPs, featuring different remixes, acoustic versions, and ’80s and ’90s remixes. Vaughn revealed that she has been working with Hasbro for almost a decade, on projects such as Jem and the Holograms.

MY LITTLE PONY: A NEW GENERATION, center, from left: Izzy Moonbow (voice: Kimiko Glenn), Sunny Starscout (voice: Vanessa Hudgens), 2021

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She shared, “Hasbro had approached us about helping with some of the marketing materials around My Little Pony. I’m such a fan. I feel like it’s so empowering. It was a show that as a young child I really related to, so when they asked me to reimagine some of the songs, I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ The first EP is all the main ’80s theme. There’s been different iterations of that theme — we’re on Generation Five now — so it’s been through a lot of changes.”

She added, “People get really attached to what they grow up with, so if you re-imagine it too much, it’s almost like you’re taking something away from someone. You have to be really mindful about that. The things that really make the theme the theme are the motif and all the friendship and magic. I feel like the lyrics are really important, but there are some lyrics that you’re like, ‘Are they dated? Should we say it?’ At the end of the day, it’s that nostalgia, so we can’t change it. But we can build upon it.”

my little pony 40th anniversary minty


Not only are there new versions of the nostalgic song but Hasbro has released some special 40th Anniversary Original Ponies, very reminiscent of the original versions. With ponies such as Butterscotch and Minty, it really does take you back to childhood. Tell us, did you play with My Little Pony toys as a kid? Do your children or grandchildren watch the shows or movies?

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