The World’s Most Hated Font, Comic Sans, Is Having Its Day

ban comic sans

Most writers, designers, and general people will tell you that Comic Sans font is not their favorite. The font was developed by font designer Vincent Connare in 1994 while working at Microsoft and was designed to be kid-friendly and easy to read. The font was also used on old Office Assistant guides on Microsoft Word (remember Bob or Clippy?). He created the font based on comics he had in his office and wanted it to be less formal than something like Times New Roman.

At first, people loved it. It was a bit sillier than other fonts and of course, could be read easily. However, as it became overused, people started to dislike it and even ridicule it. Whether you love it or hate it, the first Friday of July celebrates Comic Sans Day, as a way to honor Connare or to even laugh at the font.

vincent connare creator of comic sans

Creator of Comic Sans/Wikimedia Commons

In 1999, designers Dave and Holly Combs disliked it so much that they started a campaign to ban the font altogether. It didn’t work and is still available but there are still groups on social media requesting for the ban of Comic Sans. In 2011, Monotype Imaging created a new and improved version called Comic Sans Pro, which is really only slightly different. It seems that even Google weighed in on the discussion by not offering Comic Sans in Google Docs.

comic sans font

Public Domain Pictures

Good news for those who like Comic Sans, it does have a purpose besides being a great font for kids. It has also been shown to be a good font for readers with dyslexia, which affects the ability to read clearly.

Do you love or hate Comic Sans? Perhaps you’re indifferent. Let us know!

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