‘Friends’ Star Courteney Cox & Her Dog Join Bizarre Grimace Shake Trend

courteney cox grimace shake trend

Of course, when social media gets involved, people tend to act a little strange in order to go viral. To celebrate the longtime McDonald’s character Grimace’s birthday, McDonald’s is currently offering a limited-edition special meal complete with a purple milkshake. The purple berry-flavored milkshake has got people acting a little spooky.

If you search “Grimace shake trend” on social media, you’ll find hundreds of videos of people taking a sip of the shake before the camera cuts to the same person acting like a zombie in a horror movie. Even celebrities have jumped on the trend and perhaps Friends star Courteney Cox should get the crown on this one.


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In the video, Cox appears, sipping the shake next to her dog Lily. She says, “So, apparently it’s Grimace’s birthday, and I’ve seen a lot of people drink this shake, and weird stuff happens — but I’ve had half of it, and I don’t feel anything. I don’t love it, but… I don’t get the big deal.” As she gets up, she knocks the shake to the ground and Lily gets a little taste.

Cut to the next scene when Cox finds that her beloved little pup has grown into a huge beast complete with purple ears. Even though it technically puts the shake in a negative light, McDonald’s is still jumping in and loving the attention. McDonald’s even commented on Cox’s video saying, “hi lily im grimace nice to meet youu.”

In addition, after the trend went viral, McDonald’s posted a photo of Grimace with wide eyes with the caption, “pretending I don’t see the Grimace shake trend.” Have you tried the Grimace shake yet? If you have, tell us your thoughts!

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