Halfway to Halloween: There’s a New Monster Cereal in Town for the First Time in 35 Years

carmella creeper monster cereal
General Mills

There was no better feeling than scooping into a bowl of fruity (or chocolatey), sugary cereal while you watched Saturday morning cartoons. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for those good old days and cannot wait for Halloween this year, General Mills has an exciting surprise for you! For the first time in 35 years, the cereal giant is introducing a new Monster Cereal called Carmella Creeper. It is a green caramel apple-flavored cereal complete with a brand new character, bright green cereal, and purple, pink, orange, and yellow marshmallow pieces.

The backstory behind Carmella Creeper is that she is the cousin to Franken Berry and is a “Zombie DJ.” She will be a part of the seasonal cereal lineup that comes out each year between September 1 and October 31st. The different cereal flavors and characters were inspired by classic horror movie creatures including Count Chocula (chocolate cereal with a vampire character), Boo Berry (blueberry cereal with a ghost character), and Franken Berry (strawberry cereal with a Frankenstein monster).


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At times, General Mills also releases special flavors Frute Brute (cherry cereal with a werewolf character) and Yummy Mummy (orange cereal with a mummy character). This year, they are set to release Monster Mash Remix Cereal, which will contain all of the flavors mixed together for true fans of the Halloween breakfast treats. Although I’m not too sure about chocolate and all of those fruity flavors together, perhaps we will have to do a review come fall!

general mills count chocula cereal

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General Mills has been releasing Monster Cereals in North America since 1971. Just a few years ago, the cereals celebrated their 50th anniversary with a very special Monster Mash cereal release.

general mills monster mash cereal

Karen Ruud

In 1971, the brand started out with Count Chocula and Franken Berry and it wasn’t without controversy. In 1972, the Franken Berry cereal contained a pigment that was indigestible, turning stool pink and the company had to remove the pigment after many complaints. Boo Berry was released the same year with Frute Brute appearing in 1974. Since 2010, the cereals have only been released seasonally which means you can only get your fix during Halloween time.

general mills monster cereals


The artwork has also changed over the years. DC Comics helped create new designs of the characters in 2014 while just last year, covers of the cereals featured artwork by KAWS, inspired by vintage designs. Which flavor is your favorite? Are you excited to try the new Carmella Creeper Monster Cereal?

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