Tiger, Palmer or Nicklaus? National Golf Day Trivia

National Golf Day collage of golfers and movies
Everett Collection

Each year, May 10th is used as a day to celebrate one of the oldest pastimes in the world; the great, and never frustrating, game of golf! But what the game looks like now is nothing like it did when it was first played in Scotland, sometime in the 15th century. Players would use either a club or a bent stick and hit a pebble around tracks or dunes. Not long into its inception the game of golf was banned by King James II and the Scottish Parliament due to people neglecting military training in order to golf (go figure), when the English invasion was looming. It wasn’t really until the 19th century when the game of golf began to become a global sport. In 1894, the game had become popular enough in the United States that the United States Golf Association (USGA) was established in order to regulate the sport and is still used today. Although golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide, one thing the game has struggled with is making the spot more accessible and affordable to all. National Golf Day reinforces the sports benefits and is a reminder that the sport could be for anyone willing to give it a swing.

Now it’s time to tee it up and test your knowledge of the game — pop-culture style.