Betty Boop Exhibit Coming to Comic-Con Museum This Month

Betty Boop, lobbycard, 1930s
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Betty Boop has been around since 1930 and now fans can celebrate her as one of the earliest animated characters. The Comic-Con Museum in San Diego is opening an original exhibit called Becoming Betty Boop on Thursday, June 27, 2024, in collaboration with Fleischer Studios (Betty Boop was created by the late Max Fleischer).

The exhibit will take fans on a trip through time, from the beginning of Betty Boop to her increasing popularity and outfit changes. She got her name in 1931 and is the first female animated movie character in history, drawing inspiration from the Jazz Age.


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“Betty’s influence on international animation and the popular arts continues to be monumental. She entertains and inspires audiences with her flair for independence, self-determination, and glamour,” said Comic-Con Museum Executive Director Rita Vandergaw. “Fleischer Studios has opened its vault doors to Comic-Con Museum to display some of the oldest artifacts we’ve ever exhibited at the Museum. We can’t wait for visitors to experience this exhibit and be dazzled by Betty in all forms — vintage items, costumes and even on the screen in our theater.”

The exhibit will feature never-before-seen artifacts of Betty Boop including toys, comic books and more, some dating all the way back to the ’30s, features on her friends Pudgy, Grampy and more, original animated Betty Boop films, highlights on the women who voiced Betty Boop over the years and limited brand collaborations. In addition to the exhibit, fans will be able to buy exclusive merchandise including an exclusive poster created by comic artist Frank Caruso.

The Romance of Betty Boop aired March 20, 1985

Everett Collection

“This wonderful exhibition weaves together Betty’s origins from the inkwell on my grandfather’s desk, with the explosive growth in her popularity from 1930 to present day, and the worldwide icon she has become in motion pictures, television, licensing and now musical theater. It’s lucky visitors will get to join Betty on the dazzling and amazing ride of becoming Betty Boop!” said Mark Fleischer, Max’s grandson and Chairman/CEO of Fleischer Studios.

Get tickets to the museum and exhibit here.

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