Courteney Cox Recreated Cameo in Bruce Springsteen’s Music Video for TikTok ’80s Dance Trend

Bruce Springsteen and Courteney Cox at the filming of the video for Dancing in the Dark on 6/27/84 in Minneapolis, Mn. in Various Locations
Paul Natkin/WireImage/Getty Images

We previously shared that a new trend is going around the social media website TikTok where kids ask their parents to dance like they did in the 1980s! Many of the videos are to the tune of British pop band Bronski Beats’ song “Smalltown Boy” instilling a sense of nostalgia in the trendy app. The results have been pretty wholesome and now some celebrities are jumping on the trend, including Friends star Courteney Cox.

Cox changed things up a bit and paid homage to one of her very first gigs in show business. In 1984, Cox was pulled from the audience on stage with Bruce Springsteen during the filming of his “Dancing in the Dark” music video. In the TikTok clip, she starts out dancing and as the music ramps up, she unzips her sweatshirt to reveal a Bruce Springsteen “Born in the U.S.A.” t-shirt! Then it cuts to a clip of Cox dancing in the ’84 video.

@courteneycoxofficial1980’s dancing… in the dark♬ original sound – Courteney Cox

The video was directed by Brian De Palma who shot clips during several of Springsteen’s shows for the music video. He pulled up Cox, who was then just 20 years old, on stage, not knowing that she was an actress. Just a few years later, she was cast as Monica Geller in the super popular show Friends and the rest is history.

These days, when Cox is not reminiscing and dancing for TikTok, she recently appeared in the new Scream franchise films and the show Shining Vale. Meanwhile, Springsteen and his E Street Band are still performing out on tour, 40 years later. Do you remember seeing Cox in the original “Dancing in the Dark” video?

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