’80s Dancing Takes Over TikTok & Brings Kids and Parents Closer

Wildcats Goldie Hawn (center), 1986, dancing at the party
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If you were a teenager or young adult in the 1980s, you might be at an age where TikTok seems like a very unusual place. TikTok grew in popularity several years ago with short choreographed dances that kids would imitate. Now, there is finally a safe space on the app for those who miss the ’80s and it is bringing families closer together. A new TikTok trend has kids asking their parents to “dance like it’s the ’80s.”

Photo of BRONSKI BEAT and Jimmy SOMERVILLE and Steve BRONSKI and Larry STEINBACHEK; Posed group portrait L-R Larry Steinbachek, Steve Bronski and Jimmy Somerville, washing machine

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Over the dancing, the 1984 song “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat plays and parents admit that just by hearing the song, their muscle memory takes over. Not only is the trend growing but videos within it are booming. One mother-daughter duo from Michigan has seen over 11 million views on their video.

@tabathalynnk My moms 80s dance moves, I wanna be her when I grow up 😍 our kids better not ask us this in 30 years 😂 #80s #momsoftiktok #dancemoves ♬ Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat

Some believe that people have such strong nostalgia for the ’80s not just because of the dance moves and music but the changes in pop culture. In the age of social media, it can be helpful to look back on a somewhat simpler time and share those memories with younger people.

A young woman named Valerie Martinez admitted that she has a new appreciation for her mother and received so many heartwarming comments from people “saying they wish they could do this trend with their parents or that it reminds them of their parents.”

@veeantonacci 🥹🫶 best moves #80s #80smusic #80sdance #parentsdancing #parents #80saesthetic ♬ Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat

Another daughter named Mary Nepi added that it helped bring her closer to her mom and joked, “The robot is for sure one of her go-to moves, but I’ve never seen her slay so many 80s moves back to back. Definitely was channeling her nightclub ‘Maniac’ days.”

What do you think of these videos? How did you dance in the 1980s?

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