A Special New Documentary Premieres Just Before The Coronation of King Charles – Where To Watch

Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales proceeds through the Royal Gallery during the State Opening of Parliament at the Houses of Parliament, in London, on May 10, 2022.

To tie in with the upcoming coronation of King Charles, the new documentary Charles: In His Own Words, premiering on National Geographic on April 28, and streaming on Hulu April 29 and Disney+ May 5, features a detailed history of the “Rebel Prince” and the taxing relationship he’s held with the media since his birth. Using clips of rare archival material, the documentary attempts to tell the definitive, comprehensive biography of Charles’ life in the royal spotlight from an unbiased lens, including details about his relationships with both his current wife, Camilla, Queen Consort, and the beloved Diana, Princess of Wales.

The documentary doesn’t focus much on the circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana, perhaps because this is already such a well-covered event. But it does cover some of the reactions to it, especially within the royal family. It also briefly addresses the recent departure of Prince Harry to the U.S., although it does not explain the context for why or how. With so many decades of headlines and controversies and scandals, there is simply too much to cover in one film. It remains focused on Charles himself throughout.

Prince Charles, who was crowned prince in July 1958, has waited a lifetime to become king, a title which he has held since September 8, 2022, but will not be official until his coronation on May 6. It was just announced that Prince Harry will be attending the coronation, but polarizing figure Meghan Markle will not be.

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