Jerry Seinfeld Can’t Believe He Got This Actor for His New Film ‘Unfrosted’

Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story director Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Grant, as Tony the Tiger, on set, 2024
John P. Johnson/Netflix/Everett Collection

Jerry Seinfeld recently stopped by Good Morning America to talk about his upcoming Netflix film Unfrosted, telling the mostly untrue story of the inception of Pop-Tarts. While it is true that Kellogg’s and Post were in a race to get the popular breakfast pastry to the shelves, just about everything else in the film is fabricated for laughs. It features a ton of big stars including Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and many more.

With a movie full of cameos, Seinfeld admitted that there was one star he was the most excited about. He revealed that he was thrilled that Hugh Grant was able to do the film because he has been a longtime fan. Grant plays Tony the Tiger in the movie.

Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story US poster, from left: Jim Gaffigan, Melissa McCarthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Hugh Grant, 2024

Netflix/Everett Collection

Seinfeld also revealed that the concept of the film was dreamed up during the pandemic. He was sitting around with some of the former writers of Seinfeld and they came up with the idea to do a silly movie about Pop-Tarts. What seemed like a joke at first, stuck and Seinfeld ran with it as soon as he could. While Pop-Tarts were the main focus of his stop at GMA, including a Poptart tower as a treat for Seinfeld’s upcoming birthday on April 29 (to which he joked that they have to heat it up because he was not eating Pop-Tarts cold!), he also spoke about the highly-anticipated Curb Your Enthusiasm finale.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, (Season 7), 2000-,

Doug Hyun/HBO/Everett Collection

In the finale, Seinfeld appears and chats with star Larry David (who was the creator of Seinfeld) and he said it was a very touching moment that connected both show finales. Seinfeld admitted that the moment was not scripted and he said, “I remember driving home on the 10 and feeling my head out of my body” about filming the finale. He added, “It was really a thing of setting up a joke in ’98 and paying it off in ’23.”

Check out the trailer for Unfrosted, which premieres on Netflix on May 3, 2024:

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