One Very Famous & Historic Las Vegas Hotel is Closing For Good

1958: Actress and model Kitty Dolan poses next to a 1958 Ford Edsel Citation outside The Tropicana Hotel in 1958 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sin City is making some big changes. This week, the famous Tropicana Resort will be shut down for good and is scheduled to be demolished in October. The building is going down to make way for a new ballpark for the Major League Baseball team the A’s. After Tropicana is gone, there will be only one resort left on the strip that dates back to the 1950s: The Flamingo, which actually opened in 1946.

(Original Caption) Poolside: the girls, who all dance in the Folies Bergere at the plush Hotel Tropicana, Las Vegas, are: Virginia Justus, the blonde; Lydia Torea, the redhead; and the brunet, Sharon Cunningham. the Torea gal was once a partner of Jose Greco.


Tropicana opened about a decade later in 1957 and at the time, it was the most expensive resort built in Las Vegas, created for $15 million. For decades, it was the most glitzy and luxurious spot you could book and tourists flocked there to see the Folies Bergère cabaret featuring topless showgirls, jazz musicians, and later magicians Siegfried and Roy and is still the longest running show in Vegas history. A scene from the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever even shows Bond in the hotel plus The Godfather and Viva Las Vegas. The elegance seen there got the Tropicana the nickname the “Tiffany of the Strip.” Plus one time resident Eddie Fisher married Elizabeth Taylor there after his marriage from Debbie Reynolds dissolved.

(Original Caption) Protest Fisherå-Taylor romance...A sign-carrying group demonstrates in front of the Tropicana Hotel here April 2nd, where Eddie Fisher opened an engagement April 1st. The demonstrators are protesting the singer's romance with actress Elizabeth Taylor. The pickets dispersed after a 30-minute demonstration before Fisher's show. Actress Debbie Reynolds announced April 2nd that she would grant ex-husband Eddie Fisher permission for a quickie Nevada divorce. This would leave him free to marry Miss Taylor after establishing residency in Nevada. Fisher and Miss Taylor announced their plans to wed at a a press conference following the singer's April 1st opening at the Tropicana.


(Original Caption) The Follies Bergere is now in its eight year at the Hotel Tropicana. The hotel has options on the show until 1975. More than 4 million persons from all over the world has seen the Follies. The current Centennial Edition is budgeted at 850,000. The costumes are designated by Parisian Follies Artistic Director Artistic Artistic. They are also made in Paris. Artistic also creates the costumes. On each new edition of the Follies he comes to Las Degas to put the show together. He produces the Parisian Follies, too.

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LAS Vegas, NV - NOVEMBER 1975: A view of the sign for the Tropicana hotel featuring The Osmonds and Kelly Monteith on the Las Vegas Strip (Boulevard) in November 1975 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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However, it wasn’t always glitz and glam for the Tropicana. At the time of its opening, there were mob connections and an FBI investigation in 1979 found a skimming operation. Over the years, the resort went through many ownership changes, some for the better and some for the worse. During one ownership change in the 2000s, the Tropicana was almost demolished to make way for a new resort, but obviously, this never happened. In 2011, it went through a major renovation, spending $180 million to make updates and add a South Beach theme. Despite any updates, it continued to have that nostalgic casino and hotel vibe.

The exterior of the Tropicana Las Vegas is seen on April 13, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bally's Corp. has agreed to purchase the Las Vegas Strip property from landlord Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. in a transaction valued at about $308 million

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Michael Green, an author and professor who specializes in the history of Las Vegas, admitted, “One of the things we’ve had to reconcile with ourselves still is that people do not come to the Strip looking for that past. They come here looking for all the bells and whistles that tourists look for these days.” He added, “It speaks to how Las Vegas has really just become a lot like anywhere else, truthfully. When the Tropicana opened, this was the only state in the country where you could legally gamble in a casino. Today, almost every state has some form of gambling. Betting on sports is legal.”

Exterior photo of the Tropicana Resort and Casino February 1, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you were a fan of the historic hotel, you could potentially own a piece of it! Fans can purchase items from inside the hotel including furniture and even doors. You can call International Content Liquidations at 702-933-9540 to set up an appointment if you’re interested.

The new ballpark is expected to be ready in 2028 and The A’s will become Nevada’s first major league team. As for that famed stained glass ceiling? Local artists are hoping it can be preserved.

Tropicana Las Vegas syained Glass ceiling

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