Sheryl Crow Releasing New Album Despite Saying ‘They’re a Waste of Time & Money’

Recording artist Sheryl Crow performs onstage during the American Country Awards 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 10, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sheryl Crow went back on her word. In 2019, she released an album called Threads and revealed that it would be her last. Now, she’s releasing a new studio album this year called Evolution. So, what sparked the change of heart?

She admitted, “I still think it’s a waste of time and money! People don’t listen to records as a full body of work, but I had all these songs that felt very timely. So, I thought, ‘Okay, I’m not going to make a conventional album, thinking about the beginning, middle, and end.’ Instead, it’s a compilation of new songs.” Crow added, “I know, I know, I can’t count on what’s going to come out of my mouth next. I didn’t intend to put out an entire full length album. It still feels like a playlist of new songs. So that’s what I’m going to call it: a playlist of new songs by Sheryl Crow. How’s that?”

Sheryl Crow performs at the Franklin Theatre on March 23, 2024 in Franklin, Tennessee

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Things have changed for musicians in recent years as streaming services gained popularity. They reportedly make almost no money from having their music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon where most people listen to music. Despite this, artists continue to churn out music and go on tour, where they make most of their living.

Crow shared that Evolution contains nine tracks and she released three singles in advance of the album’s release. The songs are “Alarm Clock,” “Evolution,” and a cover of “Digging in the Dirt” featuring vocals from Peter Gabriel. The deluxe version features a bonus track and the album is out now.

Crow is heading out on tour to promote the album this summer in the UK and Europe and then will be joining P!NK’s “Summer Carnival Tour.” Have you listened to Crow’s new album yet? Tell us your thoughts about it or your favorite song!

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