New Woody Allen Movie ‘Coup De Chance’ Coming To a Limited Theatrical Premiere April 5

COUPE DE CHANCE, from left: Niels Schneider, Lou de Laage, 2023.
© Metropolitan Filmexport /Courtesy Everett Collection

Did you know Woody Allen is still making movies? The 88-year-old controversial writer/director of such hits as Annie Hall, Manhattan and Midnight in Paris is back at it with a new romantic thriller shot entirely in French.

HUSBANDS AND WIVES, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Judy Davis, 1992, directing on the street

Courtesy of Everett

Wildly celebrated when it debuted at the Venice Film Festival, the film is set for a limited release in theaters on April 5 and hits digital/VOD on April 12. Allen’s 50th feature film Coup De Chance follows a professionally accomplished and happily married Parisian couple named Fanny (Lou de Laâge) and Jean (Melville Poupaud) who experience some challenges when Fanny is swept off her feet by a former high school classmate (Niels Schneider). As the pair seem to get closer, what is to come of her happy life? The soundtrack includes pieces by jazz giants Cannonball Adderley and Milt Jackson and is a visual delight.

The title, Coup De Chance, is French for “stroke of luck,” and the film will explore the role of chance and luck in our lives.

The filmmaker has been a little under the radar since allegations of sexual abuse by his daughter Dylan Farrow arose in the 2021 documentary Allen v. Farrow. He has been having a hard time getting funding in the States, hence filming entirely in France. Allen has hinted this could be his last movie.


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