70-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Snake Oil celebrity advisor Christie Brinkley, (Season 1, premiered Sept. 27, 2023)
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Christie Brinkley is opening up about a recent scary experience on her social media pages, along with some photos to spread awareness. The 70-year-old model revealed that she has been diagnosed with a common form of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. Luckily, it was caught early and the doctors were able to remove the cancer completely.

Brinkley said that she was only accompanying one of her daughters for a checkup when she decided to ask if they could look at a spot on her face. She said, “He took a look and knew immediately it needed a biopsy! He did it then and there! So make your own good luck by making that check up appointment today. And slather up my friends!”


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She added as a note to her fans, “The good news for you is that all of this can be avoided by being diligent with your sun protection! I got serious a bit late so now for this ole mermaid/gardener, I’ll be slathering on my SPF 30, reapplying as needed, wearing long sleeves and a wide brim hat. And doing regular total body check ups..that is a MUST !”

Christie Brinkley hosts Bella New York's Influencer Issue Launch Party at Bagatelle on March 13, 2019 in New York City

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In addition to the post, she shared photos of the wound open and all stitched up. It is recommended that everyone gets a skin check from a qualified doctor or dermatologist at least once a year. If you see any odd spots like red or pink patches or growths, moles with unusual or dark shapes, or new moles or spots that pop up, it is always good to get them checked out. If skin cancer is caught early, treatments are highly effective.


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Just weeks ago, Brinkley celebrated her 70th birthday and shared a photo showing off her abs. She is known for aging quite gracefully and admitted that she is now at an age where she is happy with herself and how she looks. The post was met with a lot of compliments and birthday wishes from fans.

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