Rumors Are Swirling That John Waters is Making First Film in 20 Years

BULLY. COWARD. VICTIM. THE STORY OF ROY COHN, director and author John Waters, 2019.
HBO/Courtesy Everett Collection

Filmmaker John Waters is back in production with his first film in two decades, an adaptation of his debut novel, Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance, which was published in 2022. The eccentric director, who is known for 1970s’ cult classics Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble as well as the 1988 hit musical Hairspray and the 1990 Johnny Depp musical Cry-Baby, recently addressed rumors that Parks & Rec‘s Aubrey Plaza was set to play the lead role of Marsha Sparkles.

“We have no start date or green light to begin production but are working to hopefully make that happen,” Waters told The Baltimore Banner. He also added that no stars were on board yet, as it’s too early for that, but that he would be “thrilled and excited at the idea of Aubrey Plaza.”


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Speculation of casting may have been caused by a 2022 Dazed interview in which Plaza shared she had been in touch with Waters about the film. “I exclusively only audition for John Waters. He told me I’m on his list, but I want to be top of the list,” she said. “I want to be the only person on his list. They’ve told me I’m this generation’s Kathleen Turner. I mean, come on — I’m a shoo-in. I need that movie.”

Whoever ends up playing Marsha Sparkles, the new movie is sure to be a treat for fans of John Waters who have been waiting for him to return to the director’s chair.

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