Chynna Phillips Recalls Father’s Shocking Confession The Night Before Her Wedding to Billy Baldwin

089910 01: Singer Chynna Phillips poses with dad John at the 1991 Grammy Awards February 20, 1991 in New York City.
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Chynna Phillips recently opened up about her father, John Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas, in a new YouTube Video. The video, titled “My Wedding Nightmare,” talks about the night before her wedding to husband Billy Baldwin in 1995. While she did not share many details about exactly what her father told her, she did open up about how she felt about their talk and how it affected her on her wedding day. However, it is now known that Chynna’s sister Mackenzie said that she had a 10-year incestuous relationship with their father. She said the abusive relationship stopped when she became pregnant and didn’t know who was the father, leading her to get an abortion and stop their sexual relationship.

Mackenzie Phillips and father John Phillips circa 1981 in New York City

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Chynna said in the video, “We talked about stuff that was pretty earth-shattering and a lot had come to the surface and my father was having a ton of feelings and, of course, that made me have a ton of feelings and I remember I was up all night just weeping and [felt] numb as well. I would weep and then I would go stoic again and then I would weep and then I would go stoic again, and it was because my father had just revealed some really big information to me and I just felt blindsided by it.”

She continued, “I know it sounds horrible that my dad would do that to me on the night before my wedding, but he didn’t intend to do that, it was more like it just evolved in our conversation the night before I got married. And I don’t think it was any coincidence that he was walking me down the aisle with my mother, and I think he felt like he needed to come clean before he walked me down the aisle for his own conscience. I felt that he felt that he needed to do that just so that it was genuine.”

Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin kissing during wedding on Long Island . They were married at Sacred Heart Church in Southampton, N.Y.

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Despite the hard conversations, she still said that it was “priceless” to have her father walk her down the aisle at her wedding. In another YouTube video, Chynna sat down with her sister Mackenzie and they spoke about their childhood and even Mackenzie’s allegations against her father. In that video, Chynna shared, “Obviously, he’s an amazing songwriter and, you know I loved his laugh, and yet there was this whole other side to dad that was, I mean, kind of, like a monster. He was so dark, and you just didn’t know who you were going to get. It was very unpredictable.” John died in 2001.

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