‘Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man’ & Other Classic Marvel/DC Crossovers to Be Featured in Two-Volume Omnibus Collection

promotional image for the upcoming Marvel/DC omnibus publications coming in Summer 2024. Against a yellow background, standing back-to-back with their arms folded confidently, are Marvel's Spider-Man on the left and DC's Superman on the right.
1976's Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man is one of many Marvel/DC crossovers collected in two upcoming omnibus publications

One of my greatest losses when my mom sold a lot of my childhood things at various rummage sales over the years was my comic book collection. And one of my most prized titles within that had been the larger-sized Marvel and DC special crossover issue Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, which brought the two powerhouse comic book companies’ most popular characters together first in a battle with each other, and then, eventually, in a team-up to stop the super-villain pairing of Marvel’s Doctor Octopus and DC’s Lex Luthor.

While I’ll never get that original comic book back, I will at least be able to enjoy its story anew as part of an upcoming two-volume omnibus set that collects some of the greatest Marvel/DC crossovers, most of which have not been printed for decades.

DC Versus Marvel Omnibus (ISBN 9781779523259) and DC/Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus (ISBN 9781779523266) will both be publishing on Aug. 6, 2024. The two volumes will each have a direct-market-exclusive cover available only in local comic book shops, while supplies last.

DC Versus Marvel Omnibus collects crossovers between the core DC and Marvel characters, from 1976’s Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man to 2000’s Batman/Daredevil. Included are stories from some of comics’ most revered talents, like Dennis O’Neil, George Pérez, Dan Jurgens, Chris Claremont, Walter Simonson, Mark Bagley, Gerry Conway, John Romita Jr. and more.

Titles Collected in DC Versus Marvel Omnibus:

  • Batman/Captain America #1
  • Batman/Daredevil #1
  • Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire #1
  • Batman/Spider-Man #1
  • Daredevil/Batman #1
  • DC Special Series #27
  • Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger #1
  • Green Lantern/Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances #1
  • Incredible Hulk vs. Superman #1
  • Marvel and DC Present Featuring the Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans #1
  • Marvel Treasury Edition #28
  • Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights #1
  • Silver Surfer/Superman #1
  • Spider-Man and Batman #1
  • Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man #1
  • Superman/Fantastic Four #1
first page of the 1976 Marvel/DC comic book crossover publication "Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man." In the foreground, with a skyscraper in the background, are Spider-Man on the left and Superman a bit lower on the right. Both are in action poses as if they are about to clash. In between them are the credits for the special issue (writers, artists, etc.). At the top of the page, text hypes: "At Last! The Greatest Team-Up of All Time: Superman and the Amazing Spider-Man" (both character names are written in their respective fonts) In the lower left, just below Spider-Man, text reads: "This Is It! The Battle of the Century!"



cover of the 2000 book "Batman, Daredevil: King of New York," a Marvel/DC crossover. The art is a nighttime image of Batman, crouched in the lower left, his features mostly shrouded in darkness except for his eyes, and Daredevil, standing a bit above him to the right, also with mostly just his eyes showing. They are both standing on top of a building, with skyscrapers and a full moon in the background. They are both staring intently down at something.


The other volume, DC/Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus, brings together a variety of very intriguing-sounding titles that I had never even known existed, since they were published in 1996-97, when I had largely gotten away from reading/collecting comic books.

During that time, Amalgam Comics was a collaborative publishing imprint between Marvel and DC that featured the companies merging some of their popular characters into new ones for one-shot issues. So in these comics you had the likes of Dark Claw/Logan Wayne (a combo of DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Wolverine), Super-Soldier (combo of DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Captain America), Iron Lantern (Marvel’s Iron Man and DC’s Green Lantern) and Doctor Strangefate (DC’s Doctor Fate and Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Professor X/Charles Xavier), among others.

These stories came from creators such as Peter David, Dave Gibbons, José Luis García-López and more.

Also included in this collection are the four issues encompassing the early 1996 DC Versus Marvel crossover event, for which each company published two issues. That miniseries’ sequels are also here, along with what a press release calls “a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes material.”

Titles Collected in DC/Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus:

  • DC Versus Marvel #1-4
  • DC/Marvel: All Access #1-4
  • Unlimited Access #1-4
  • Bat-Thing #1
  • Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
  • Bullets and Bracelets #1
  • Challengers of the Fantastic #1
  • Doctor Strangefate #1
  • Iron Lantern #1
  • Legends of the Dark Claw #1
  • Lobo the Duck #1
  • Speed Demon #1
  • Spider-Boy #1
  • Super Soldier #1
  • Thorion of the New Asgods #1
  • X-Patrol #1
cover of the 1997 Amalgam Comics title "Dark Claw Adventures" #1. This Marvel/DC crossover character was an amalgam of Marvel's Wolverine and DC's Batman, and we see on the cover the character looking a bit like the animated early '90s Batman with Wolverine's trademark claws.

Amalgam Comics/Marvel/DC

DC Versus Marvel Omnibus and DC/Marvel: The Amalgam Age Omnibus will publish on Aug. 6, 2024.