Kate & Oliver Hudson Recall How Kurt Russell Was Seen in Cameras During O.J. Simpson Chase

Actor Kurt Russell attends the Hateful Eight SAG Screening and Q&A at the Pacific Design Center on December 5, 2015 in West Hollywood, California
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Siblings, podcast hosts, and actors Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson recently swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live! They ended up talking a lot about Kurt Russell, who has been with their mom Goldie Hawn for decades and is truly like a father to them. While they have nothing but good things to say about Russell, they joked that he always seems to get himself into some interesting and even dangerous situations.

Oliver revealed, “He’s always crossing paths, somehow, with, uh, killers. Like, serial killers. Actually, he was on camera when O.J. Simpson drove into his house. He was in the driveway. You could see him on KTLA, like, ‘Huh?’ My dad. I was like, ‘What is he doing there?'”

Former American football star and actor O.J. Simpson listens to testimony during his double murder trial in Los Angeles, March 16, 1995. Simpson is on trial for the homicide of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. In this image he listens to the testimony of Lieutenant Philip Vannatter, one of the two lead detectives on the case.

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Kate added, “It was the big chase. And Kurt… O.J. was on the 405 [freeway] and Kurt all of sudden just went, ‘Oh, he’s going home.’ Next thing you know, he gets in the car and he leaves and he goes to O.J.’s house. I don’t know why! Just to see what happened, you know? And we’re all like, ‘Where are you going?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ And then he goes with his friend.” She said the rest of the family was watching the NBA Finals and the game was interrupted by the infamous chase when they saw Russell on television, watching from behind the caution tape at Simpson’s house.

This wasn’t the first time he was in the area of a murderer. Oliver said that he crossed paths with serial killer Ted Bundy and one of Charles Manson‘s followers, Tex Watson, going so far as to beat up Watson. While Kate said that she wasn’t sure if she believed the stories, Oliver was very enthused about telling them.

Actor Kurt Russell and his partner, actress Goldie Hawn, and her children, actress Kate Hudson and actor Oliver Hudson, attend the film premiere of the romantic comedy "Raising Helen" on May 26, 2004 at the El Capitan Theatre, in Hollywood, California

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He shared, “This is a crazy story. Kurt was camping, he had his plate of food, went to get a beer or something, comes back and his plate of food is gone. Ted Bundy then gets caught and recounts how he survived after escaping and he said he found a guy camping in the woods with his friends, he leaves the thing and he go grabs and eats his food.” This was when Russell was living in Colorado and Bundy escaped from Pitkin County Courthouse. So far, Russell has not confirmed or denied these stories but they sure are fun to speculate about!

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