Retro Nightmare Fuel

image from the 1974 slasher horror film

Holiday Horror: Watch 24 Hours of ‘Black Christmas’

About a decade before he directed 1983’s sweet & nostalgic A Christmas Story, Bob Clark helmed another terrific Yuletide-set film of a drastically different nature: the influential 1974 slasher movie Black Christmas. Scream Factory TV is airing it 12 times on Christmas Eve 2023.

image from the 1981 intro for the broadcast TV premiere of the 1978 movie

Remembering the 1981 Broadcast TV Premiere of ‘Halloween’

John Carpenter’s classic 1978 thriller premiered on NBC’s ‘Friday Night at the Movies’ on Oct. 30, 1981, and featured added scenes that Carpenter filmed to help fill out the movie’s two-hour television slot.

a scene from the 1963 horror movie

Pro Tip From Mario Bava’s ‘Black Sabbath’: Never Steal a Ring Off a Corpse

Italian horror maestro Bava’s 1963 anthology film ‘Black Sabbath’ featured three chilling stories, including ‘The Drop of Water,’ which seared itself into the nightmares of anyone who saw it as a kid.

special effects image of a great white shark from the 1983 movie

The ‘Jaws’ Franchise Jumped the Shark With ‘Jaws 3-D’

Released to theaters in 1983 and capitalizing on the early ’80s revival of 3-D movies, this second ‘Jaws’ sequel is pretty ridiculous in 2-D, too (and still not the worst entry in the franchise).

image from the 1984 movie

Remembering ‘Dreamscape’ — 1984’s Other Great Nightmare-Based Movie

Released three months before the original ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ the more underrated and equally terrific ‘Dreamscape’ also has some memorably nightmarish scenes.

an image from the

‘Twilight Zone: The Movie’ Moments That Are Still Creepy 40 Years Later

A monstrous rabbit in the hat, a mouthless sister, a gremlin on the wing of the plane and more from the 1983 anthology movie that also inspired me to watch Rod Serling’s classic series for the first time.

image from the 1978 movie

Back in the Water With ‘Jaws 2’ 45 Years Later

The 1978 follow-up to Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic was certainly unnecessary, but isn’t as bad as some may think — especially when compared with the Jaws entries that followed.

a shot from the 1976 horror movie

Retro Nightmare Fuel: That Creepy Chauffeur From ‘Burnt Offerings’

Anthony James’ wordless, ever-smiling performance as the chauffeur/hearse driver in Burnt Offerings surely lingers in the minds (and bad dreams) of anyone who has seen the 1976 horror movie.

A scene from the 1980 movie

The 1983 Broadcast Premiere of ‘The Shining’ Had a Weird Advisory

Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel debuted on ABC May 6, 1983, and was preceded by a warning almost as eerie as the movie itself.