Jaws (1975 movie)

JAWS, key art, 1975

‘Jaws’ Movie Poster Artist, Roger Kastel, Dies at 92

He created that iconic book cover turned movie poster.

JAWS, scene, Susan Backlinie, 1975

‘Jaws’ Actress Susan Backlinie on the Film’s Iconic Opening Scene

The former stuntwoman and actress talks the opening scene of ‘Jaws.’

JAWS, 1975

Nostalgic Films Getting Their Own Broadway Musicals (‘Jaws’ Has One…)

Some of these are wild!

special effects image of a great white shark from the 1983 movie

The ‘Jaws’ Franchise Jumped the Shark With ‘Jaws 3-D’

Released to theaters in 1983 and capitalizing on the early ’80s revival of 3-D movies, this second ‘Jaws’ sequel is pretty ridiculous in 2-D, too (and still not the worst entry in the franchise).

shot from the shark documentary

Watch the Film That Led Off Discovery’s First Shark Week in 1988

Caged in Fear, which aired July 17, 1988, during Discovery Channel’s first Shark Week, set the tone well for this long-running programming event, and is as gripping and fascinating as any of the films that have come over Shark Week’s next three-plus decades.

SUMMER RENTAL, John Candy, 1985.

The Best Classic Hits of Summer Cinema

Get some popcorn and settle in with some of these summer themed movies.

JAWS, 1975

‘Jaws’ Swam Into Movie Theaters in June 1975 & We Are Still Afraid of the Water

On June 21, 1975 we got out of the water as ‘Jaws’ was one of the truly great summer blockbusters.

image from the 1978 movie

Back in the Water With ‘Jaws 2’ 45 Years Later

The 1978 follow-up to Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic was certainly unnecessary, but isn’t as bad as some may think — especially when compared with the Jaws entries that followed.