screenshot of the 1983 video game

Remembering the Weird ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ & ‘Halloween’ Atari 2600 Game Adaptations

These rare video games, based on the classic horror films of their titles, were published by Wizard in 1983 and among the more adult-oriented Atari 2600 (VCS) titles kept quietly behind counters at the few stores that carried them.

POLTERGEIST, Heather O'Rourke, 1982

A Haunting New ‘Poltergeist’ TV Show is in the Works

Ready to get scared again?

HALLOWEEN, top: Nick Castle as Michael Myers on Australian poster art, 1978.

1978’s ‘Halloween’ Cast 45 Years Later

It has been 45 years since HE came home. See what the cast of ‘Halloween’ is up to now.

HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Loree, 2002

Scream Queens: Horror Heroines & Striking Villainesses

Ever since Mary Philbin unmasked Lon Chaney in the 1925 silent film ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ horror films have depended on frightened heroines.

THE WOLF MAN, Lon Chaney, Jr., 1941

Clap For the Wolfman: Celebrating the Lupine Beast That Took a Big Bite Out of Horror

The first Wolfman character in a mainstream film surfaced in a 1935 horror flick called ‘Werewolf of London.’

Famous Monster of Filmland collage

Monster Magazines: Essentials for Building a Collection

Monster magazine collecting 101.

image from the 1981 intro for the broadcast TV premiere of the 1978 movie

Remembering the 1981 Broadcast TV Premiere of ‘Halloween’

John Carpenter’s classic 1978 thriller premiered on NBC’s ‘Friday Night at the Movies’ on Oct. 30, 1981, and featured added scenes that Carpenter filmed to help fill out the movie’s two-hour television slot.

an image from the 1977 educational film short

Pick Up Some Halloween Safety Tips in This 1977 Educational Film

Produced by Centron Corporation, purveyors of many of the educational films folks of a certain age may have watched in school, ‘Halloween Safety’ also has a wonderful and creepy — almost ‘grindhouse’-like — vibe about it.

HALLOWEEN, Jamie Lee Curtis, 1978.

The Strode’s Home from the First ‘Halloween’ Movie Just Sold

Could you live in the home where ‘Halloween’ was filmed?

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, and John Taylor of Duran Duran pose ahead of their performance during Global Citizen Live at Sky Garden on September 25, 2021 in London, England

Duran Duran Releasing a New Halloween-Themed Album

Get ready to listen to the album full of spooky covers and original songs TOMORROW!

Halloween (1978) Michael Myers

John Carpenter Talks The Birth Of The Boogeyman & The Night HE Came Home

The classic film turns 45.

TALES OF TERROR, Vincent Price, 1962, TTOR 001-02, Photo by: Everett Collection (73548)

Vincent Price Was a Horror Movie Icon With a Fondness for The Muppets

Today is the 30th anniversary of the horror icons death.

Freddy, Jason & Godzilla horror collage

Who Were Godzilla’s, Freddy Krueger & Jason Vorhees’ Favorite Victims?

We dissect the motus operandi, fashions, victims and more of 13 iconic horror villains.

Classic Vampire movie collage

Dracula Rises: Screenland’s Most Terrifying Vampires

Fiends on Film! Check out the movie history of Count Dracula and other classic blood suckers.

Horror Movie Collage

These Iconic Horror Movies Are Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries This Year

Stuck on what to watch this spooky season? Try one of these classics!

Svengoolie on set

MeTV’s Svengoolie Takes Us Behind the Scenes & Creates New Monster (VIDEO)

Go behind the scenes with MeTV’s favorite horror host, Svengoolie!

GOOSEBUMPS, author R.L. Stine, 'The Haunted Mask', (Season 1, episodes 101 and 102, aired October 27, 1995), backstage, 1995-1998

‘Goosebumps’ Reboot Arrives on Disney+ and Hulu (Plus the Best Nostalgic Episodes from the Original!)

R.L. Stine fans can rejoice, because Disney+ and Hulu have just released the first season of the spooky kid-friendly series ‘Goosebumps,’ based on the popular 1990s book series.

THE MUMMY, Boris Karloff, 1932

The Mummy: Awakening The Famous Monster’s Most Notable Appearances

The legendary monster has been a cinematic staple for nearly a century.

A woman smiles while sitting on a stool and painting a black eye and teeth on a large calendar page for 'Friday The 13,' circa 1965

Why is Everyone so Scared of Friday the 13th?

Are you superstitious?

a picture from the 1968 sci-fi/horror movie

Which Classic Creature Feature Had the Catchiest Theme Song?

The Blob, The Tingler or The Green Slime — when it comes to old-school monster movie title tunes, who ya got?

GREMLINS, Zach Galligan, 1984, reading in bed with Gizmo

Millennial Movie Review: Watching the Cult Classic ‘Gremlins’ For The First Time

Campy horror flick about tiny gremlins leaves many questions. Plus will there be a sequel?


The Creature (Still) Walks Among Us: A Look Back at ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’

Universal’s Gill-Man has had a monstrous Influence on pop culture for over 60 years.

Famous Monsters #4 Cover by Albert Nuetzell

Exclusive: IT’S ALIVE! The Cover Artists of Famous Monsters of Filmland

You’ve seen these FAMOUS covers, learn more about the artists that created them!

THE EXORCIST, Ellen Burstyn, 1973

Ellen Burstyn Returns for ‘Exorcist’ Role After 50 Years

She is reprising her iconic role as Chris MacNeil.

CHICAGO, IL - FEBRUARY 29: Actor Rich Koz of

It is Svengoolie’s Favorite Time of Year! Check Out His Schedule for October on MeTV

So many great, nostalgic films to celebrate the spooky season with Svengoolie!

picture from the 1979 movie

TCM Offers ‘Creepy Cinema’ Tuesday Nights in October 2023

Each evening will feature a variety of horror films/thrillers divided into two themes, ranging from “Women in Horror” and “’70s Horror” to “Terror’s on the Phone,” “Vincent Price” and more.

LEPRECHAUN, Warwick Davis, 1993

All of the Cult-Classic ‘Leprechaun’ Movies are on Hulu for 30th Anniversary

Starting Oct. 1, stream all of the ‘Leprechaun’ movies, most starring Warwick Davis.

Strange Behavior (Dead Kids) and Next of Kin double feature at the Orpheum

Rare Slasher Flick ‘Strange Behavior’ (aka ‘Dead Kids’) Comes to the Big Screen

‘I Like It Spooky’ podcasters brings rare double feature to Galesburg, Illinois at the restored Orpheum Theater.

Stephen King now and in Creepshow

Stephen King, the Master of Horror From Paper to Scream, Er, Screen

The king of horror just turned 76; plus, new screen adaptations coming in October.

an image from the 1973 movie

‘The Exorcist’ Is Coming to Theaters Ahead of Its 50th Anniversary

The limited screening of William Friedkin’s extended director’s cut of the classic 1973 chiller features a new 4K restoration and is also airing in remembrance of the filmmaker, who passed away recently.